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The Tea Party & the Environment: Unkeen, Ungreen

christine o'donnell tea party

I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about the Tea Party.  I'M tired of hearing about the Tea Party.  We know what they stand for:  free markets, limited government, etc.  

But, what are their platforms when it comes to the environment?  It comes as no surprise that many Tea Party candidates seem to be anti-environment.  

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Maes, a Tea Party darling, opposed Denver's bike sharing program.  In fact, he accused Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper of "converting Denver into a United Nations community" via the bike sharing program.... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio does so much for the environment, it's hard for me to know where to even begin.  

First, check out The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.  It highlights different campaigns and environmental news stories that are particularly important to him.  His foundation was started in 1998.  In 2001, Environment Now honored the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation with the Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award.... read more

Five "Green" Bands and Musicians

Last week I wrote a post called Five "Green" Songs.  In this post, I want to highlight five musicians and bands who strive to make a difference in the environment.  

This list could go on forever, as these days it seems like many musicians are making efforts to go green.  However, I'm going to narrow it down to a few whose actions are particularly enthusiastic and impressive.   From monetary donations to staging benefits and riding biodiesel buses, these bands and musicians are an inspiration to all.  

It's exciting to see people with such influence, popularity, and money making such a huge difference to help save the planet!... read more

Green Celebs at the Environmental Media Association Awards

Saturday, October 16th marked the 20th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards.   The annual EMA Awards honor film and TV personalities, musicians, and other media figures with environmental messages exhibited in creative ways.  It's been dubbed as "the green Oscars."  Some highlights include…

Jason Ritter and Olivia Munn co-hosted the event. Munn was decked out in a “rainforest couture” outfit. Ritter practices eco-friendly living in his daily life and drives a hybrid.

Eva Mendes presented James Cameron feature film EMA Award for Avatar. He discussed critical environmental issues and said that he has been to the Amazon twice to meet with indigenous communities to push back against the hydroelectric dam they’re building. The dam will displace 25,000 people and harm the rain forest.

... read more

Five "Green" Songs

When it came down to narrowing down 5 eco-themed songs for this list of favorites, it was pretty tricky.  I finally got my list down to 5 songs truly about the environment -- and I swear, I don't know if I've ever spent this much time on a blog post...even the ones I've had to do extensive research on to write.  But here we go..we've got soul, rock, folk, parking lots, acid rain, and dirty water.    

Without further ado, here's the list...
... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Robert Redford

This blog post is the first in a series called TGIF Keen & Green Celeb.  Every Friday, we'll profile a green celebrity.  What better way to end the week than with a little eco-fluff?

It seems natural to have Robert Redford as the first subject for this series.  Before it became cool to be "green," Robert Redford was fighting for the environment.  ... read more

The Vatican Going Green

Back in 2007, news broke that the Vatican was planning to go green.  The Pope said that they aimed to be the first carbon-neutral state, which didn't come to fruition, but they have still made efforts such as using solar panels and a solar generator.   Last year, Inhabitat wrote that the Vatican was planning to build the largest solar power plant in Europe.   ... read more

Green Athlete Spotlight: Ovie Mughelli

Ovie Mughelli and the environmentWith a lot of the tragedy and scandals that often surround pro athletes, it's exciting to see an NFL player with a passion for the planet.  Ovie Mughelli of the Atlanta Falcons speaks out on the environment.

Most recently, he spoke out again toxic coal ash.  View his YouTube video.  In the past, Mughelli has also spoken out against Drill Baby Drill.... read more

Universal Studios - Green Seal Award

Universal Studios, HollywoodUniversal Studios, Hollywood

Universal Studios in Hollywood was recently honored with the EMA Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal Award. The award is the first-ever given to a theme park for its commitment and effort in working towards a more environmentally conscious workplace and community.

I recently toured the theme park to witness their ‘greening’ efforts as a casual visitor.... read more

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