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Sacramento Solar Installation: Solar-E-City

In many states with larger solar markets (such as California and New Jersey), choosing someone to do the job can be tough. Solar-E-City Electric is one company to check out if you are pondering solar installation in the Sacramento, California area. Solar-E-City Electric is a local, family owned Sacramento solar installation company.  Unlike many larger installers in the area, Solar-E-City Electric prides itself on building strong relationships with customers, so you don't just become a job number on a computer screen. They are able to guarantee the quality of their work because they never subcontract out - this means they know exactly what is going on with your project at any given time down to every last detail. Better yet, they will help you through the confusing process of handling state and federal tax credits and connecting to the PG&E grid. With almost 10 years of solar installation experience, you can trust David and Erika Schweickert with the future of your home.... read more

The Like For Square Feet Campaign at Chipkos!

chipkos shoesStarting tomorrow (Earth Day!) Chipkos, maker of eco-friendly footwear, is starting a campaign called Like for Square feet.  For every new Facebook "LIKE" that they receive, Chipkos will adopt one square foot of the rain forest.... read more

Solar Panel Installation: REC Solar, Inc. Company Profile

When considering installing solar panels on your home, choosing an installer can be a daunting task. There can be hundreds of local and larger installers in your area. One of the growing companies you may want to check out is REC Solar, Inc. REC started out in 1997 in San Luis Obispo, California and has since become one of the largest installers in the nation, serving California, Hawaii, Oregon, New Jersey and Arizona.

While REC is a big company, they have a local feel. There are locations in each of their areas served so that you have a direct relationship with the company instead of just being a number on a page. They work on projects ranging from large scale commercial projects to residential projects and hold your hands a long the way to help you with financing options to make solar a reality for many who thought it was out of reach.... read more

Spreadshirt is now offering organic products

spreadshirt organic

Just in time for Earth Day, Spreadshirt, a website where you can design your own t-shirts, has started to offer organic products. You can custom design an organic t-shirt, bib, and more.... read more

Chatting with a Whole Foods Eco Czar

whole foods newtonville ma

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk to Lee Kane, the Eco Czar for Whole Foods Market's North Atlantic Region.  I learned all about the various green initiatives going on at Whole Foods and how hard they work to be a truly sustainable grocery store.  

What does an Eco Czar do?

"Anything that has to do with the environment falls under my umbrella," explained Lee.   The Eco Czar also supervises the Green Team for individual stores.

Four regions have Eco Czars.   Lee was the first Whole Foods Market Eco Czar, which he has been since 2003.  

Green initiatives at Whole Foods Market 

Waste reduction is a huge one.  "We work very hard to get to zero waste," Lee told me.   They currently divert 80% of their waste by composting and recycling.   Additionally, they work to use as much sustainable and responsible packaging as possible.  For instance, the salad bar containers are made of bulrush, a renewable resource harvested annually in the wild. ... read more

Interview with Sarapage Bauguss of NewLeaf Clean

newleaf clean logoYesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Sarapage Bauguss, Cofounder, Creator, and President of NewLeaf Clean, LLC.  NewLeaf Clean makes a variety of lab-tested, eco-friendly, effective cleaners -- and they're affordable, too!   Check out what Sarapage has to say...

What made you start NewLeaf Clean?
After becoming a mother, I wanted to use only nontoxic products in my home and around my children. I found safer foods, soaps, cosmetics, plastics, but was unable to find any household cleaners that were 100% safe. So I began making my own.

Were you interested in green products and lifestyle before becoming a parent?
I was always interested in eating healthy and recycling, but I figured that products sold in stores were safe.

Why were you so unsatisfied with the green products on the market today?
I was never able to find any that were as effective as the toxic products on the market. When I began to research the "green" cleaners, I discovered that they weren't much safer either.... read more

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Green your lunch!  Last summer, our blogger Liz wrote about how to make your school/work lunch produce less waste.  One excellent way?  Ditch the Ziplocs!  They're plastic, difficult to recycle because of the "zipper" component, and kinda expensive, too.  

Lucky for us, The Lucky Butterfly, maker of reusable snack and sandwich bags,  is offering FREE SHIPPING to Keen for Green readers!  Just use the coupon code "Keenforgreen" when checking out.  They even make custom ones in case you don't find a size/fabric that you like.... read more

Sunlight Solar Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

Everyone knows that GREEN is the cool thing to do these days. Most of us do it because its the right thing to do for the future of our planet, but many companies have popped up to capitalize on this without practicing what they preach.  This is NOT the case with Sunlight Solar, an Oregon based solar installation company.  Sunlight Solar is a true example of companies that not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, too. ... read more

Taza Chocolate - Green Company Profile

chocolateWith Valentine's Day coming up, what better time to do a company profile on Taza Chocolate, an organic chocolate company?

Why it's Keen:

One reason:  try their chocolate!!!  Its deliciousness will speak for itself.  It's stone ground organic, Direct Trade, pareve, and gluten/dairy/soy-free.  They not only have chocolate bars, but they also have baking chocolate, chocolate covered nuts, and more!

Why it's Green:

Aside from the fact that it's organic, Taza is truly committed to sustainability.   They work hard to make their factory energy efficient, they're big on recycling, they offer carbon-neutral delivery, and for local customers in Boston and surrounding areas they deliver using MetroPedalPower, which are human-powered "trucks."... read more

Thanks Mama Cloth Diapers - Green Company Profile

Thanks Mama began in 2002, but when the original owner moved out of the country, current owners Helena and Kosta Shumakin bought the company and turned it into one of my favorite cloth diapering and green baby gear stores on the net.    

Everything came together for Helena and Kosta when Helena was pregnant with their daughter.  Helena had been reading about cloth diapering, and Kosta, who was working for an alternative energy company, was looking to make a career change.  When they learned that Thanks Mama was for sale, they decided to buy it.  ... read more

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