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The Future

I think teaching kids about "going green" is key to changing our future.  If we start young enough and get kids thinking about the environment around them the future could be brighter for our world.... read more

Reusing Floppy Disks

Hey, remember floppy disks?  I recently came across some old ones in our house (along with some old blank cassette tapes and those annoying AOL CDs...but that's for another entry!) takes old floppy disks, but what if you can reuse them in a really cool way?  Some perfect ideas for the eco-minded craftmaker!... read more

Sustainable Brands Conference 2010 - June 7-10

For anyone who is interested in 'green' marketing, branding, strategy, sustainable business, and overall business leadership and trends, check out this conference. Sustainable Brands Conference 2010Sustainable Brands Conference 2010

The Sustainable Brands Conference 2010 in Monterey, California, is geared for marketing professionals and executives who are looking to understand the unfolding market drivers and leading-edge strategies for building business and brand value by innovating for sustainability.... read more

March 2010 - Green events in the San Francisco Bay Area

March presents several webinars, discussions and networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area encompassing various environmental sectors.

Events include:... read more

  • An exclusive research regarding the American Photo Voltaic (PV) market - the challenges and opportunities this sector will face in 2010;

  • An overview of prominent sustainability frameworks, protocols and tracking tools;

More CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley, CA - Early 2010

What are the areas for opportunity in Clean Tech in 2010?

To learn of the challenges the industry faces and enhance learnings, here are a few more events in Silicon Valley: Image from Silicon French websiteImage from Silicon French website... read more

CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley - January 2010

Clean technology (CleanTech) has become a prominent sector in many countries; some call this emerging sector a revolution. However what, in point of fact, is done? Where are we headed, where are we behind and what are the next steps? How does Information Technology (IT) leverage clean tech innovations?

When it comes to green technology, is the US moving forward fast enough to make a difference globally?

Check the following events:... read more

Apple Working on Home Energy Management

Some details surfaced this week about a patent Apple filed last May for a system to manage power delivery to home electronics.  It is based on the HomePlug standard, and it appears there is a provision for energy storage in the home.

See these links for details: Link1 Link2




... read more

Energy Monitoring Included in New USB Software

CygNET Systems has come up with a simple solution to wasted energy for any system administrator, small business owner, or information technology officer.  The solution is to automatically alert them when computers have remained on but dormant for a certain amount of time.  This energy management and detection feature is part of their USB CopyNotify! data protection software.

USB CopyNotify!

USB CopyNotify! is a software that notifies a user when a USB drive, memory stick, pen drive, etc. is used on any computer on the office network. This automatic notification software is built to inform any user of the unauthorized distribution of proprietary information, a major problem at many intellectual property focused industries.  At the same time, USB CopyNotify! can block devices from access to the network, control white list from a single administrator computer, and prevent individual system configurations.  Following a successful release in September 2007, the company expanded the software to include energy management.  ... read more

Contenders at Clean Tech Open Who Did Not Win


I was struck by how great some of the contenders were that did not win final awards at Clean Tech Open.  Below are some of the stand-outs in my opinion.  Check them out below!... read more

CleanTech Open Gala and Awards

CleanTech Open Gala and AwardsCleanTech Open Gala and AwardsIf you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and interested specifically in new green technology, then I suggest you check out the Cleantech Open Awards Gala coming up at the Masonic in San Francisco on Nov 17.   I'll be there and I am really excited to see first hand how the entrepreneurial spirit is one of the strongest weapons in protecting our environment and freeing us from our dependence on fossil fuels.&nbsp... read more

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