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Beep.. Boop... Recycling Robot Ready!

You know, sometimes I just need to start my day with a story like this.  May I introduce to you the world's first robot that will pick up your trash and sort it properly.  This robot is Dustcart!

 Italian Recycling Robot

Dustcart is the creation of the $3.9 million Dustbot Project.  The DustBot project is aimed at designing, developing, testing and demonstrating a system for improving the management of urban hygiene based on a network of autonomous and cooperating robots, embedded in an Ambient Intelligence infrastructure.  According to the Global Post, the adorable Dustcart will operate independently to users' calls. The robot will roll its cute little segway wheels over to that user's house, ask for a personal ID number, ask what type of waste is involved (recycle, compost or trash) and will pick up the waste.... read more

Never Plug In Your Phone

Another great video that is hilarious and informative from Hank at the providing a glimpse of the future plug-less cell phones.  Visit the eco-geek and tell them what a great job they are doing.



iPhone App to Find Recycling

iPhone Green Apps

"Residents can now find out where to recycle or properly dispose of materials using our convenient, location-based mobile application. Instead of dumping old electronics or furniture on the sidewalk, the EcoFinder iPhone app tells you where these materials should go, based on your location."

This is part of San Francisco's wider effort to clean up the city and divert waste from landfill.  Currently, San Francisco has a landfill diversion rate of 72% and is seeking to get up 75% by the year 2012. ... read more

Green Computing with Google & Lenovo, Water Saving Tips

Wednseday morning quick hits to help all those keen for greeners get over this hump day.  A few quick links, but this time I decided to chose the stories from across the blog-o-sphere.  I am thinking now of making Monday news day, Wednseday blog day and Friday fun day for these quick hits posts.  Tell me what you think and if you hate/love this idea.

New Lenovo ThinkCentre, New GreenTech Approved Desktop: Jeremey Kaplan of GoodCleanTech just reviewed the perfect solution to small to medium size business computing.  It is the The Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p, costing $1,089 for direct purchase.  Read more about why it gets the greentech approved seal from PC Magazine.

Google dribbles out PowerMeter smart-grid servie: Martin LaMonica, the senior writer at CNET'sGreen Blog, put up an update about Google'sPowerMeter program.  Follow this link to read about a previous post on this blog, which talks about the product.

Google Power Meter - KeenforGreen

Government Launches $1-Billion Clean Energy FunGlobe-Net recently ran a piece explaining the new $1 billion fund for clean energy established in Canada.  This new fund will help our neighbors to the north study and advanced clean technology.

An Easy Tip To Stop Wasting Water: And finally, this is a great posts by Beverly Clarke of thegogreenblog concerning easy water saving tips.  I had to post it just for the awesome picture alone.

Children Save Water... read more

Green Computing's Future: Netbooks

Could Netbooks be the next step in reducing ecological waste and energy consumption for the personal computer user? In some ways, the answer is yes. Netbooks, in their inherent design structure, offer a more eco-friendly and energy efficent alternative to other current laptops.   Still, depending on the needs of the consumer Netbooks may not be a practical possiblity.

netbook, Green computing... read more

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