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Deer Hollow Farm, Los Altos - Keen AND Green

In the state of California, it is hard to turn on the news without hearing about more K-12 budget cuts. It is increasingly important that we find ways to continue to place environmental sciences at the forefront of classroom curriculum – after all, today's kindergarteners are tomorrow’s activists, business people, construction workers... you get my point. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Morgan, director of Deer Hollow Farm, in Los Altos, California.

deer farm

About Deer Hollow Farm: Deer Hollow Farm is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Los Altos Hills in the California Bay Area. The farm is dedicated to educating school groups, community groups, and the general public in the area of life sciences.... read more

Earth Hour is THIS Saturday!

earth hourWhat is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is one hour of the year where people around the world will turn off their lights.  This year it is at 8:30 PM on Saturday, March 26, 2011.

When was the first Earth Hour?

In 2007.  It began in Sydney, Australia.  

Why do people do this?

It's to create awareness of global climate change.  ... read more

Go Solar! -- Oakland, California Photovoltaics

Mary S. of Oakland, California describes her experience with Save-A-Lot Solar as part of our Go Solar! series.... read more

Go Solar! -- Alameda, California Solar Installations

Kevin S. of Alameda, California describes his experience with Save-A-Lot Solar as part of our Go Solar! series.... read more

Solar in the News: Stanford University Studies New Solar Cells

Last week, Huffington Post released an article about research being conducted at Stanford University on new solar cell technology. Stanford University is at the front of the race to discover new solar cells that are more efficient and cheaper to use.  The goal is to make solar accessible to everyone.

Traditional solar cells are made of silicon semiconductors.  When exposed to heat or light, semiconductors conduct electricity (unlike  conductors such as metal which always carry electricity).  Stanford's findings begins with the "Quantum Dot." This is a new kind of solar cell previously designed to replace the silicon semiconductor.  This cell was revealed several years ago, but never took off because it was not as efficient as silicon and other solar cells.... read more

Federal Solar Tax Rebates

All of us remember the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka the Stimulus Bill). Leaving the politics aside, the bill did some very important things for solar, including extending the tax incentives put forth in 2005 for solar installation.... read more

Help Save Public Broadcasting!

Sarah Palin and other right-wingers have been exploiting the Juan Williams story as an excuse to convince Congress to defund NPR.  Conservatives have wanted to defund public broadcasting for a long time.  This isn't a new issue at all, sadly -- in fact, none other than Mister Rogers stood before the Senate in 1969 to defend public broadcasting.  

NPR, PBS, PRI, and Pacifica have always been big supporters of environmental causes.  While most other mainstream news stations don't cover a whole lot of environmental stories, public broadcasting does.... read more

The Tea Party & the Environment: Unkeen, Ungreen

christine o'donnell tea party

I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about the Tea Party.  I'M tired of hearing about the Tea Party.  We know what they stand for:  free markets, limited government, etc.  

But, what are their platforms when it comes to the environment?  It comes as no surprise that many Tea Party candidates seem to be anti-environment.  

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Maes, a Tea Party darling, opposed Denver's bike sharing program.  In fact, he accused Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper of "converting Denver into a United Nations community" via the bike sharing program.... read more

Victorian-Era Pressed Flowers Help Ecologists Study Climate Change

Scientists study pressed orchids to learn about climate changeHere's an extremely cool tidbit of environmental news.  Ecologists are studying collections of pressed plants from Victorian England to learn more about climate change.  The early spider orchids from Southern England are in collections with notes showing the exact day in spring when they were picked, dating from 1848 to1958.  Ecologists are comparing those with dates when the same flower blossomed in the wild from 1975 to 2006.... read more

Event - Technology innovator in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learning from Nature to Design New Products

PAX Scientific, a San Francisco Bay Area engineering company, will give a talk of “Uses of Biomimicry to Create Products for a Greener Future”. The talk will cover inspiring applications of biomimicry principles and the new industries that are emerging from these scientific innovations.... read more

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