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Solar Panel Companies: Golden Gate Solar Tech, 100% Women-Owned/Minority Company

solar panel companies san francisco

Golden Gate Solar Tech is a solar distribution company located in San Francisco, California that aims spread sustainable practice around the globe. They are a 100% women-owned and minority company that sells solar panels, solar inverter boxes, racking systems, and solar raw materials. While they are based in San Francisco, they have provided solar panels to remote areas to enhance lives in third-world countries.... read more

Solar Installation Process - What to Expect

Solar Installation Process

If you are exploring solar installation for your home, it is important to gather as much information as possible. The average residential installation does not take more than a few days. Here is a little bit about what to expect from your solar installation project.... read more

Solar Water Heaters: What’s Keeping Solar Hot Water From Going Main Stream?

Solar Hot Water

Thanks to guest blogger Solar Fred for this thought-provoking article about the future of solar water heaters.

***... read more

Solar Companies: Sungevity Solar Named "Innovator of the Year" 2011

Solar Lease Sungevity

Sungevity is one of the nation's fastest growing residential solar companies – in part due to the commitment to the communities they serve and programs such as Solar Lease, which makes solar a reality for many consumers who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it.... read more

Solar Panels for Your Home - The Basics


Solar Panels For Your Home

If you are considering solar panels for your home it can be a little bit overwhelming to sort through information and to understand exactly what everything means. Before you dive in, make sure you know your options.... read more

Sacramento Solar Installation: Solar-E-City

In many states with larger solar markets (such as California and New Jersey), choosing someone to do the job can be tough. Solar-E-City Electric is one company to check out if you are pondering solar installation in the Sacramento, California area. Solar-E-City Electric is a local, family owned Sacramento solar installation company.  Unlike many larger installers in the area, Solar-E-City Electric prides itself on building strong relationships with customers, so you don't just become a job number on a computer screen. They are able to guarantee the quality of their work because they never subcontract out - this means they know exactly what is going on with your project at any given time down to every last detail. Better yet, they will help you through the confusing process of handling state and federal tax credits and connecting to the PG&E grid. With almost 10 years of solar installation experience, you can trust David and Erika Schweickert with the future of your home.... read more

State Solar Loans


State Solar Loans

Many states in the beautiful U.S. Of A. offer “solar loans” which allow you to finance your solar installation at a low- or no- interest rate. If you're like me, you don't have $30k lying around for your solar project, but the time is right with all of the state and national incentives out there.

With the exception of West Virginia and Utah every state in the nation offers some sort of solar loan program. Some are offered at the state level (woohoo), some at the local level, and others bu the major utilities. Sixteen (16) actual states (plus the Virgin Islands) provide resources for these super loans which allow us regular folks to afford to go solar.... read more

Solar Power Definitions/ Glossary


Solar Power Glossary

Active Solar Energy: using mechanical devices to collect, store, and distribute solar energy.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): a type of solar thermal energy used to create solar thermal energy (heat) on a large scale using series of mirrors in order to concentrate a large amount of solar energy. Read more...

Feed-In Tariff (FiT): the ability to sell unused solar electricity (or that from other renewable sources such as wind) back to your local utility. Many states require FiTs. You will sign a contract with your utility for a set rate over a certain time period (usually 20 years).

Green Tag: see “Solar Renewable Energy Credit.”

Grid: the connection of cables in a region that distributes electricity to homes, businesses, and other buildings. Residential solar systems are often connected to the local “grid,” and in some states are required to connect.... read more

What is a Solar Feed In Tariff (FiT)?

A Feed In Tariff (Fit) is a one of many financial incentives that can be offered in order to promote the use of renewable energy. It was first seen in Germany in 2000 and has since spread to countries such as China, Australia, and Ireland and several US states including Hawaii and Michigan.

Regions that mandate FiTs require utilities to purchase each kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy from individual residential and commercial producers of renewable energy (usually solar or wind). In essence this makes the producer a small-scale utility, selling ALL of the power you produce back to “the grid.” The person or business will sign an initial contract with the utility, locking in a certain rate for a set period of time (usually 15-25 years).... read more

Solar Panel Installation: REC Solar, Inc. Company Profile

When considering installing solar panels on your home, choosing an installer can be a daunting task. There can be hundreds of local and larger installers in your area. One of the growing companies you may want to check out is REC Solar, Inc. REC started out in 1997 in San Luis Obispo, California and has since become one of the largest installers in the nation, serving California, Hawaii, Oregon, New Jersey and Arizona.

While REC is a big company, they have a local feel. There are locations in each of their areas served so that you have a direct relationship with the company instead of just being a number on a page. They work on projects ranging from large scale commercial projects to residential projects and hold your hands a long the way to help you with financing options to make solar a reality for many who thought it was out of reach.... read more

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