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Smart-Grid solutions and sustainable software

A Smart-Grid is defined as an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers. It can be referred to at a city level, county, state, or national level, or even throughout a continent. The grid supports electricity generation, electric power transmission and distribution.

Other terms for Smart-Grid are smart electric grid, power grid, intelligent grid, FutureGrid, microgrid, intergrid and intragrid.Original photo from FreeFoto.comOriginal photo from

Smart grids use digital technology to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency. Software is a critical component to successful Smart-Grid operations. Software standards, security and Open Source/Open Access methodologies have been gaining traction as the solution to Smart-Grid software applications: they are sustainable, cost effective and collaborative.

The Open Source initiative and Free Software methodology are two movements that focus on everyone’s right to use software.

products freely without paying the high costs required by the software companies. They also focus on the principle that the software source code must be available to everyone to modify, enhance, distribute or port to new environments.

Open Source is an architecturally driven approach that is not linked to a particular software company and can be applied at the strategic and enterprise levels as well as in tactical projects.

Using open source software enables the concept of FISDev, a Framework for Integrated Sustainable Development, which helps organizations move towards a software development approach focused on Sustainable Development.

Read more about Green software and sustainable software design.... read more

Solar events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming SOLAR events in the San Francisco Bay Area - Week of October 19 - 24, 2009

Tapping into solar energy has many benefits: reduced burning of fossil fuels, independence from foreign energy producers, a lower electricity and gas usage bill -- and helping protect the planet's climate! ... read more

Clean Tech applications: Ride share and carpooling

Remember how hitchhiking was an accepted mode of transit in America years ago? Well, now we have ride sharing. With approximately ¾ of commuters driving alone to work in the U.S. every weekday, alternative transportation modes bring many benefits.

Photo by dreamstime.comPhoto by

Ride sharing is a simple way to save money, reduce one’s carbon footprint, provide opportunities to network and expand one’s contacts, reduce driving stress, as well as pleasant. Find friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are traveling the same way you are – for school, work, events or leisure – and share a ride.

There are several variations of sharing transit: carpooling, where pool members use their own private cars. Ride-share also refers to members jointly share the costs of a rented car; or sharing a ride in a hired vehicle with a hired driver, like a shared taxi, shuttle, vanpools, etc.... read more

What is 'green' software design? What is Open Source development?

What does green have to do with software developers and software engineers?

How can the Information Technology (IT) industry improve its green credentials?         

Devising high performance computing, i.e. developing ‘smarter’ software to exploit parallel, multiprocessor architectures will inevitably mean more efficient use of hardware resources and better coding techniques.

Another major aspect of green software is sustainable software development and the use of Open Source methodologies.

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Does Lil Green Patch Actually Save the Rainforest?

Lil' Green PatchOne of the most popular Facebook applications is called (Lil) Green Patch.  As of April, it was the 6th most popular application on Facebook.  The application is a little game, where you have a pretend "garden" that you tend to.  You can send your friends things to plant in their garden, such as an apple tree or flowers.... read more

7 iPhone Apps For Energy Management

I read a great article recently about the seven top iPhone apps for home energy management.  The article was wrote by Katie Fehrenbacher of Earth2Tech.  The seven programs listed include home monitoring tools, manual input calculators, utility information interfaces and smart thermostats.  All seven programs provide novel ways for the iPhone user to lessen their energy imprint.  The seven programs are listed below so make sure to check them out if you own the Apple iphone.

iPhone apps for home energy management... read more

Intel is Betting on Renewables

Everyone knows the say, "Put your money where your mouth is." Well, according to a recent CNET Greentech article that is exactly what they are doing.


Intel Renewable Portfolio

 ... read more

Goodguide: How Green is....

The Good Guide

Listening to Forum on KQED I found out about a really interesting website.  During the interview between Michael Krasny and Daniel Goleman a site was mentioned where a person can not only check out the environmental effects of products but also their lifetime cycle, carcinogenic effects and labor practices.  The site was, a web portal which accesses over 200 independent databases to provide information for consumers to base their facts on.... read more

Smart Bay, Smart Water

Here is a short video, produced by IBM, further explaining the "smart bay" in Galway, Ireland.


IBM Charting a Path for Galway Bay

Marine Institute of Ireland

For the past ten years, IBM has been joining with venture capitalist in an effort to provide solutions to large socio-economic problems utilizing a computer construct approach.  This approach centers on the use of analytics and information technology in creating quicker and more efficient systems to manage complex tasks.  These new solutions health care or the environment are branded "smart planet" by IBM.

The first major success of IBM in their "smart planet" endeavor is Galway "smart" bay in Ireland. The pilot system in place in Galway uses numerous sensors to track a huge range of changes in the bay, including pollution, fish stock levels and any possible threats to the environment.  The system even monitors the amount of green energy generated by the bay.... read more

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