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Green Articles from Best Buy , South Korea and Veterans' Green Job Training

Morning and I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  It was a blast for me as friends and family came to see the new addition to the family.  She was quite well behaved (even being quiet through her first mass).  Very exciting.  I know you don't come to the site solely for news concerning my family so let me present, without further ado, the latest and greatest clean technology and sustainability news being produced across traditional news outlets.

Best Buy Electric Bikes

Best Buy to Sell Green Vehicles: Miguel Bustillo & Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal are reporting on the sale of green vehicles at one of the largest electronics vendors in the country: Best Buy. The store will sell electric scooters, bicycles and Segways at 19 locations on a trial basis. The most important vehicle is the Enertia, a $11,995 electric scooter able to travel 45 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and plugs into a standard wall outlet. I highlight this product not just because of it's large price during a recession or applicability to most people's lives but to show that we scooped the Journal!! reported on the sale of the bikes in Best Buy in this earlier post on May 29, 2009.

South Korea Green

South Korea to spend $85 billion on green industries: On Monday a statement was released by the President's office in South Korea that the Asian tiger economy will invest 107 trillion won ($84.5 billion), or 2 percent of its annual GDP, in environment-related industries over the next five years. Reuters reported on this aggressive campaign by the government (which is without any explanation on where the funds will come from). Part of this huge investment includes the $19.4 billion over the next year on creating "star brands" in key new growth sectors, previously reported on by

Green Pizza Box

Green Box Offers Alternative to Traditional Pizza Box: The Miami Herald wrote a wonderfully light piece on the new 'green' pizza box that is being used in Florida. The box, properly titled the “green box,” is made out of 100% recycled materials. I did additional searching and found the manufacturer's, Eco-incorporated, web page so readers can go and find out more about this fun product.


A Green Car Nation: Philadelphia Inquirer provided a great overview of the new Cash for Clunkers program being initiated by the federal government in the site's. The piece done by staff writer Jeff Gelles not only gives some background information but answer's questions such as which cars qualify, what one has to do to qualify, does an SUV or minivan qualify and if the program will truly help the environment. Nicely researched and well written.

Veterans' Green Job Training

Labor Department Grants $7.5M for Veterans' Green Job Training: Sustainable Business is reporting on a federal program that seeks to aid veterans enter into the new green workforce. The program will give 17 grants, totaling more than $7.5 million dollars, to provide approximately 3,000 veterans with green job training. Organizations receiving funds are in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Arizona. Here is hoping that these funds help vets find truly worthwhile jobs in this economy.... read more

Mandatory Composting In San Francsico

Once again, San Francisco is taking the initiative in mandating environmental controls. This time it is composting.

SF Mandatory Composting

Last week, Mayor Gavin Newsom signed into law a sweeping ordinance mandating the recycling and composting of waste or face fines. This new ordinance is part of a broader plan to make San Francisco the first city sending no solid waste to landfills in the nation.

This really isn't the beginning of composting for the city, in fact it actually produces a tidy profit from compost already. The city last year created 400 tons of compostables collected from about 1,800 San Francisco restaurants. The compost was sold under the Jepson Prairie Organics label at twelve dollars a cubic yard. The compost sold out in peak season because of its favor with local growers and wineries.... read more

Green News - Legislation & LEED

Welcome everyone to this beautiful Monday..err... Tuesday morning. I want to apologize for the inconvenience this past week of the lack of original articles and features from A little something came up. Well, exactly a 20 inch, 6 pound and 6 ounce little something came up. Yes, the stork made a visit to my house this past week and dropped off a beautiful little girl named Anne Kristine. Just so I can show her off to the world, take a gander below.


Keen For Green Baby!

Precious, no? Well now onto the exciting news of the day being provided by traditional news outlets. Enjoy and don't mind my new rose-colored glasses. I feel like I am on top of the world and the lack of sleep won't stop me from smiling.

Editorial: Stepping up on climate, green energy: A greatt read from the Milford Daily News of Massachusetts about Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act passed by Congress. The editorial supports the bill and presents detailed reasoning on how and why this bill is good for America. I actually found some of the comments below the editorial to be more interesting, who knew people still did not accept global warming?

Milford Daily News

House passes landmark climate change bill: Article discusses the great victory Obama reached by securing passage of the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act. The bill would require larger U.S. companies, including utilities, oil refiners, manufacturers and others, to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases associated with global warming by 17 percent by 2020 and 83 percent by 2050, from 2005 levels. It would do this through a cap and trade policy. To understand what this means click here.

Climate Bill

Playing loose with LEED: The next article comes our neighbors to the North as Canada's Globe and Mail asks are developers using LEED without meeting certification? Well it does seem to be true since many are promoting LEED specifications throughout the construction industry without ever actually achieving certification, in violation of marketing guidelines. Great read and it has a lot of information on the US economy also.

Oregon had 51,402 ‘green jobs’ in 2008: The Portland Business Journal is reporting some good economic news about the size of the green sector in Oregon. This information was gleamed from a survey done by the Oregon Employmenty Department which also states the average wage for a green worker in Oregon was $22.61 and a 14% increase is expected between 2008 and 2010.

Democrats Fight For Climate


Democrats Fight For Climate

The Energy & Climate Bill going through the Energy and Commerce Congressional Committe just withstood a withering attach by Republican lawmakers.  The Democratically controlled Congress defeated over 14 "benchmark" amendments to bill during a 14 hour session of the Energy and Commerce Comittee.  The Amendments ranged from sunsent provisions due to job losses, higher gas prices and electricity rates, or a lack of corresponding action from China and India.... read more

Tax Refunds, In Your Socket?

Obama Energy Rebates

Could the next tax rebate you get be from your energy usage?  According to Barrack Obama the answer is yes. At a recent town hall meeting in Denver, Colorado he talked about the potential for smart meters.  The president specified the ability of a national smart grid to register energy usage and conservation is key to the new stimulus package.... read more

Cap and Trade: What is It?

... read more


Green Careers Directory of Training, Green Career Guide

Green Careers Guide is providing a directory of training providers on their site.  If you are looking for somewhere to begin a career in clean technology or looking simply to use green components in your current job, then this directory is very helpful.  Also, can those members of the KeenforGreen community who know of green training at their university, college or trade school add to their list.  Hopefully this list will encompass most of the green career training in the United States and allow us an easy way to continue education in sustainable development.

Also, keep checking our job opening board for open positions in clean technology in your area.... read more

Australia Supports Clean Coal and Solar Power

      * View     * Edit     * Track     * Nodequeue  Australia Supports Clean Coal and Solar Power

The Australian government recently passed an economic stimulus package similar to the one in the United States.  This package consists of $3.5 billion over nine years for clean energy demonstration projects and the establishment of a national renewable energy research body. There are two big winners in this legislation that will recieve nearly all the funding; clean coal and solar power.... read more

San Francisco, Home of Largest West Coast Solar Plant

San Francisco Goes Solar

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently approved a plan that will give this foggy city a world-wide leadership role in solar power. The plan is to build the largest solar photovoltaic municipal plants in the world.  This huge project would produce 5 megawatts of electricity for consumption by San Franciscians by utilizing 25,000 connected solar panels.... read more

The Future of Green: Dr. Peter Dixon on Energy & Carbon Emissions

Green technologies presentation at UBS Wolfsberg by Futurist keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon. How innovation will reduce energy use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.... read more

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