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Van Jones Foresees More Green Jobs

Van Jones, the special adviser to the White House for for green jobs, enterprise, and innovation, spoke recently on the economic ramifications of the new policies of the Obama administration. This speech was given in front of the Bentley University Leadership Forum in Massachusetts.

Van Jones of Obama Administration Green Jobs... read more

Green Power Superhighway in the Fastlane

The new energy lines and transmission centers that will help move power throughout the Midwest of America took a faithful step closer to becoming a reality.  Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved transmission infrastructure investment rate incentives for a proposed 3,000-mile regional "green power superhighway." This new infrastructure will aid delivery of wind-powered renewable energy from the upper Midwest to consumers in and around Chicago, Minneapolis and other load centers.

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Solyndra Gets its' Share of Bailout

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu recently finished a deal with Solyndra, Inc. to aid in the construction of a commercial-scale manufacturing plant for cylindrical solar photovoltaic panels.  The construction and operation of this new plant will create new jobs in the United States, while financing green technology companies with the ability to expand.

Solar Panels, Solyndra, Solar Power, Solar Cells

Solyndra, Inc. is a solar panel company based in Fremont, California.  This company designs and assembles low-cost cylinder-shaped solar cells.  These cells are installed on industrial, commercial and institutional buildings to provide clean electricity from an underutilized source, the rooftop.

The design of Solyndra's cells is the key to their current success and ability to expand.  The cells are inexpensive photovoltaics that are easy and economical to install.  These cells are made with copper, indium, gallium and selenide (CIGS) creating an alternative to more expensive silicon based cells. ... read more

Evan Bayh Questions Cap and Trade

Senator Evan Bayh recently put forward a number of concerns regarding President Obama's plan to cap and trade green house emissions.  Bayh's comments centered on the peril certain workers would face from this new governmental regime, specifically the outsourcing of jobs in green house intensive industries.


Green Regulation?

Thomas Friedman, Green Regulation, Cap and Trade, Tom Friedman

This past Monday, Tom Friedman proposed the need for regulation of the emerging green technology sector to foster growth. Friedman, a noted New York Times columnist, believes that the next great industrial revolution is upon us and that revolution is in renewable energies. This sector though is widely unregulated according to Friedman and guidance from Washington must come quickly.... read more

President Obama's Prime Time News Confrence

President Obama addressed the nation last night in a prime-time news conference. In this conference the President tried to rally support for his $3.8 billion proposed budget.  This budget would focus on three issues, one being investment in green and renewable technologies.


President Obama Continues Support For Green Technology

President Obama, Green Technology, Green Obama

This past Monday saw President Obama reaffirm his commitment to green technology research and development. At a meeting in the White House, President Obama delivered remarks specifically addressing the nation's investment in clean energy and renewable technologies.  This meeting was attended by 120 researchers, lab directors, and CEOs from energy technology companies across the nation.... read more

Green Activist Tapped By Obama Administration

Van Jones of Obama Administration Green Czar

Van Jones, noted author and activist, was chosen by the Obama administration to be special advisor to the White House concerning "green" jobs, enterprise and innovation.  Jones will be a member of the President's Council on Environmental Controls.  This office coordinates and synchronizes various federal agencies to create a single coherent vision of renewable energy and environmental policies.... read more

Al Gore's Power Vote Webcast

An interesting webcast from the former vice-president Al Gore concerning the movement Power Shift 2009's effectiveness in the election and the need to continue to hold elected officials accountable.  This video comes from October 30, 2008 and covers a number of topics that people should keep in mind as the new administration and congress plan the direction of the federal response to the environment and energy.


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