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The “Green" Mission: An Outdoor Enthusiast's Urgent Call

The urgency of maintaining ecological balance is undeniably alarming. Global awareness on distressing environment issues and concerns calls us to participate on the mission to rehabilitate and save Mother Earth, and all life forms.


Will you allow losing the priceless gifts of nature? If you loved the great outdoors, you will definitely not. It is a natural therapy that revitalizes ourselves after a day or a week of hard slog. There is no substitute for the regenerating sound of nature, the refreshing green sceneries and the cooling fresh air.


On my personal perspective, comprehensive education and public awareness programs should constantly be running to remind us of our huge responsibilities to the environment. There are so much to discover and enjoy in the great outdoors. But if we would just do it to feed our lust for thrill and adventure, we should know that it could impact to the whole ecosystem.... read more

Summer Boating the Eco-Friendly Way

It’s almost summer time in Ohio, which means it’s nearly time to spend full weekends on your boat—if you’re not doing so already. While you may know the best way to stay tan, you may not know how to stay green while you are out boating this summer. As the general public is becoming more conscious of the environment around them, care has to be used when out on the water to not pollute, litter or disturb the natural habitat in and around the body of water.... read more

Plastic bags contaminating recycling

Plastic bags still seem to be one of the hardest materials to recycle. Although they are made of very easily recyclable materials they can many times be a contaminant in regular recycling. Problems with trying to properly recycle plastic bags is nothing new. Plastic bags have always been one of those commodities that have posed a challenge to collect and recycle. It’s no wonder why so many people would like to see them banned from being used.

 Plastic bags are typically made from one of three basic types: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), or linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). The thicker glossier shopping bags from the mall or retail stores are LLDPE, while grocery bags are usually HDPE.

 Today most recycling haulers are seeing plastic bags mixed in with recycling. This is occurring in both single stream and multi stream recycling programs. Plastic bags are being found mixed in both municipal and commercial recycling.... read more

Simple Tree Stump Removal

An unwanted tree is standing in the way of your property project and so, you’ve bravely decided to take it upon yourself to remove it. Consider this the project before the project. To your surprise, you have managed to cut down the tree without damaging your property or injuring anyone, but hold off on your happy dance, because the remaining, firmly-rooted stump will also take some effort to remove.... read more

Save Energy and Money in the New Year

With some discipline and an $85 investment in energy-saving products, you can slash up to $500 off bills in the New Year. Even better, those savings will continue year after year, even if you don’t investment another dime. Projected savings are based upon the average home’s energy bill of $2200. If you live in a bigger than average house, your costs – and savings – will be greater. 

home energy

Begin where you spend the most

Heating and cooling costs account for between 45 and 50 percent of your home’s energy use, so it’s a good place to begin saving money. Adding insulation to attic floors and exterior walls, of course, can dramatically reduce energy use. Before making that investment, however, look for places where insulation was forgotten altogether. Common locations include over garages with living space above, inside cantilevered floors, and in cavities around windows. Consult with a company that performs home energy audits to help you decide where you need insulation the most and the best kind to use. It will have instruments and equipment that can literally let you see and feel exactly where you’re losing energy. ... read more

10 Tips for Summer Energy Conservation (without spending a dime)

Energy savings

Here are some tips for staying cool this summer while decreasing your energy consumption.  If you're not ready to go solar, there are still plenty of changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Turn your thermostat to 120 degrees.  Run a meat thermometer under the water 5-6 hours after you lower the temperature and adjust the settings on the thermostat as necessary.

2. Wash your clothes in cold water.

3. Insulate your hot water heater.... read more

Eco Friendly Travel Tips!

Travelling abroad can be and in fact most often is, one of the most exciting and potentially inspiring things that any person could choose to do with their time. The intense mix of culture shock and in turn the feeling of being removed from your own comfort zone often than not leads to a very strange feeling of bliss and openness. For most of us going abroad is a break from work, home and normality, at a small price. But that price needn’t be forced onto the natural world as well, and it quite often is. For those of us who, whilst at home regularly use “mod cons”, heading away for a trip abroad can be a great excuse to cut back on expensive and environmentally damaging technology. By utilising your new found freedom to its full potential it can be incredibly easy to leave behind all the items and home comforts which make our lives easy and routine and in turn often damage the environment.... read more

Have a Green 4th of July!

Green 4th of July

The Fourth of July is a time to get together with friends and family, to celebrate American history, and to eat BBQ in the summer fun.  Traditional 4th of July celebrations can create a lot of pollution.  It's easy to replace some old habits with new ones for this year's Independence Day.

Greener Grilling: On the Fourth of July alone, an estimated 60 million barbecues light up nationwide, consuming enough energy to power 20,000 households for an entire year. But who says you need to give up your hot dogs and steak in order to be an environmentalist? Buy a natural gas or infrared grill instead of dirty-burning charcoal. Avoid chrome-coated aluminum grills and instead opt for steel or cast iron (my favorite). Also, go with a smaller grill, as they take less energy to heat up.... read more

Real Wenge Wood: the New Age Ivory

Every once in a while construction materials from certain, relatively exotic locations become aesthetically and artistically desirable, particularly in the west. In the last few years this seems to have become the case with the African tropical timber known as Wenge.

Wenge is popular probably due to its physical aesthetic, it is an extremely dark, oddly porous wood and it has a distinctive figure with what is known as a partridge pattern. It is often compared to mahogany and ebony and is known by several names including: African Rosewood, Bokonge and Faux Ebony.... read more

Go Green and Save Money!

Our friends at Easy Finance look at some different stats for the finances of going green and saving money.  

They go on to explain:  "There are a number of ways to help our environment almost effortlessly and without spending a single dollar. Some principles of a sustainable lifestyle are pretty straightforward and easy to put into practice."

Check out the graphic below to learn more.  ... read more

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