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How to Become a Solar Energy Professional In California

California has been a longtime proponent of solar energy use, which is a major component of the green movement currently sweeping the United States. A recent report from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council supports this fact. Their study shows that solar capacity in California increased by a third from 2007 to 2008, and now represents about two-thirds of the national total.... read more

Ten Simple Ways To Green Your Home

KMVT Community Television, of Mountain View and Cupertino, CA, put together a great segment regarding ten tips of going green in the home.  The video is very well made and is a great piece of non-profit television.  Check it out and tell me what you think of the tips.


Eco-Friendly Staycation Ideas for Kids

After Krissy and Michelle's staycations postings earlier in the week, I found that this new concept is actually international!  Urban Rush, a Canadian news show, recently had Lavish & Lime founder Colin Campbell walk through eco-friendly ideas for summer.  A great selection of natural sunscreen, DEET-free bug spray, made in Canada adjustable sun hats, recycled plastic and wood sand toys plus recyclable cardboard activity kits and more!... read more


Go Fish: Eating Sustainable Seafood

Go Green: Eating Sustainable SeafoodSeafood can be good for you and so very tasty, but due to a variety of different causes, some seafood is (sadly) bad for the environment.  From overfishing to habitat damage, there are certain types of seafood that you should avoid eating.... read more

Staycation Ideas: Good for your wallet & the environment

I've been hearing the word "staycation" thrown around a lot lately.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it means to use your vacation time to just stay around town. A local vacation can be a great way to save money and help the environment.  I think the trend primarily started due to the economy and people trying to enjoy their time off while on a budget, but after reading Michelle's Green Summer Outings post, it made me think of how taking a "staycation" is actually a very eco-friendly thing to do!... read more

Green Summer Outings

Ahh, the joys of summer: sunshine, no school, long days, lemonade, beaches, sandcastles, vacations... the list goes on and on.  As August approaches, we are all scrambling to fit in our last summer vacations and planning our weekend day trips.  This past weekend, my husband and I passed up on spending the day at a local water park or amusement park, stayed close to home, and spent the afternoon at the Guadalupe Park Rose Garden in San Jose, California.

Green Summer Outings - Pretty Flower

It was great!  We did not have to leave the dog at home, and better yet, we minimized the negative impact our day trip had on the environment.  Some things I keep in mind as I fill in my calendar for the remainder of the summer include staying close to home to reduce gas usage. Furthermore, I try to drive during off hours which also reduces gas consumption (AND doubles the benefit by increasing the amount of time we get to spend at our destination!).  When possible taking a train, bus, or other public transit is even better, though I must admit, I am not always the best at this (in my defense, the California Bay Area has awful public transportation).  Biking is even better.... read more

All About Baking Soda

Baking soda is often talked about being an eco-friendly solution to almost anything.  From making your own laundry detergent to scrubbing the counters with it, there are plenty of uses for baking soda.

I wanted to blog about all the wonderful things that I use baking soda for, but as I began making my list lead me to wonder how green baking soda really is.... read more

William Bird on Sustainable Urban Development

William Bird of Natural England was a panel member at an event entitled 'Sustainable Cities' at the British Library on 15th June 2009. Here, William answers the question 'What is the biggest challenge facing sustainable urban development over the next ten years?'

The Sustainable Cities event was a partnership between the British Ecological Society, the British Library and the Science Council.


Green Pet Tips

Welcome everyone to another trip across the blogs.  Today we are looking specifically at pets, those furry friends that we all love so much.  We may try to recycle all plastics, eat local and use a canvas bag whenever we go out, but what about our pets?  What are we doing to help make their lifestyles more sustainable and eco-friendly?  Well, today we chose articles that can help you in this evolution (or is is it devolution) into an earth friendly pet.

Green Pet Tips- The Family

How to Go Green: Pets: Planet Green is always a great source of simple greening guides. The pet guide provided is no different. Providing a list of tips, links to articles and green pet products; this pet guide is one of the best places to start the changes in a pets life.

Green Pet Tips- Fun Dog Toys

Great Green Pet: Now, let's highlight one blog that is all about pets. GreatGreenPet is a shopping blog devoted to the green, eco-friendly, pet owner. A cool source to find all those eco-friendly doggy type such as the Tux. The tux is pliable, bouncy, non-toxic, recyclable and buoyant toy including a space for doggy biscuits.

Green Pet Tips

5 Ways To Be a Green Pet Owner: Start With A Recycled Dog Or Cat: A wonderful idea for many would be pet owners. The Fun Guide is pointing out that not only materials are recycled but also our good companions. Next time you need to introduce a feline to your family maybe go to the local shelter or take a cat off someone no longer able to take care of it. Those furballs still have so much love to give.

And today, I am cheating a bit by choosing two articles from a single blog. Green Living Ideas just provided two of the most amazing tips I had to highlight both. 5 Natural Flea Treatments is first with two just brilliant ideas; washing your pet in salt water and adding brewer's yeast to your pets food. Homemade Dog Food Serves Up Natural Nourishment is wonderful article because it provides super easy, natural recipes to feed that pooch you have.

... read more

Great Green Articles on International Emission Standards, Wal-mart and Popular Science's Green Guide

Welcome back to another week of green news from across traditional media.  Once again, the mainstream media is reporting on a number of developing stories.  Some focus on international and national issues, while others highlight small developments in sustainability. I found all the articles interesting and highlighting worthwhile topics.  Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Wal-Mart using its clout to go green: The Boston Globe published a small editorial comment on Wal-Mart's new eco-labeling initiative and the possible ramifications. A great explanation of why many company's will change habits merely because they have to now release embarrassing information, but I find the author to be a little condescending. He writes, "Wal-Mart's total annual purchases emanate from China, where it is high time environmental standards are raised." Really? Yes, China needs to raise envrionmental standards definitely in the industrial sector, but this sentence makes it seem like it is a free for all in China with no regulation. I wonder if the author knows that China has higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles than the US?

India unable to accept any legally binding cut in greenhouse gas emissions: The Hindu, India's National Newspaper, is reporting that India will not accept any legally binding agreement for reduction of carbon emission.  This is a huge blow for the Obama administration that sought some kind of agreement from India for reducing its carbon footprint.  Though both nations plan to work together to reduce global warming, most believe that no real action will be taken without legally binding treaties to force individuals and industries to curb their output of carbon.

popular Science Green Home GuidePopular Science helps you green your home: The Miami Herald did a quick piece on Popular Science's new online "Green Home Guide." The guide is in a magazine format and chock full of great information. Click on the title to be take directly to the guide.

"Green" radio emits from Palm Beach Gardens: South Florida now has its first all green envrionmental radio show.  The show, "Radio Green Earth," will provide a variety of interviews with policymakers, activists and entrepreneurs in the green sector.  Ed Begely,Jr. is already on the interview schedule.U.S. Green Building Council's new headquarters earns LEED Platinum:  Sometimes the government gets it right.  Building, Design and Construction reports that the U.S. Green Building Council recently announced Platinum certification of its new Washington, D.C. headquarters.  This makes the 75,000 sq. ft. building the it the first project to receive certification under the latest version of the LEED green building rating system.  Read the article to find out what makes this building so green.

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