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Greener Homes and Gardens

greener gardenThe perfect hybrid of green, healthy and beautiful are qualities that we should look for in our day-to-day lives. Providing a lovely living space while nurturing our families and helping them grow is the formula for a good life. Sadly, not everything is made of sunshine and daisies, and the water you drink and the veggies you eat, might not be as pure as you think. According to the EPA, there are pesticides used on your food can have negative effects on your health and the environment. Although the use of pesticides have been reduced since 2007, the EPA uses close to a billion pounds per year of commercial pesticides on crops in the U.S.

Pesticide manufacturing plants have even been known to make the National Priorities List (NPL), a list of places labeled extremely toxic by the EPA. To help in the  reduction of toxic sites, there are remediation companies, like Sevenson Environmental, that can restore valuable plots of land.

A Bounty In Your Kitchen

If you don't have a yard, or you'd like to keep gardening during cold winter months, there are plenty of kitchen or spare-room friendly gardening options for you. You've probably seen the infomercial for the Topsy Turvy Tomato grower, which can be grown indoors and found online for less than ten dollars. The same company also makes a Topsy Turvy Strawberry grower that can hang from just about anywhere. For the devoted kitchen gardener, Urban Farmer makes a mushroom growing kit for less than 30 dollars. You can grow up to two pounds of fresh mushrooms in as little as ten days.... read more

Top 5 Online Sources from Which to Purchase Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Goods

There are obvious benefits to living in a clean environment. Besides the fact that it’s more comfortable, a clean space is healthier to be in. Dust, dirt, bacteria, and other forms of unclean irritants can lead to various health problems, some of which are more serious than others. With that in mind, it is not surprising that cleaning products of some sort can be found in nearly every home and workplace.

The good news is, eco-friendly cleaning products can be used to clear away dirt, germs, and grime just as effectively as those products made from harsh chemicals. These products are safe to use, and they are kind to the environment.


Keep your home clean and healthy with eco-friendly cleaning products.

About EPP

EPP stands for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing. This is a sort of guide provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is designed to help the federal government in making green purchases. Besides just considering how a product impacts the environment, other things are also taken into account, such as its performance, availability, and price competitiveness.

These same considerations can be used to determine quality eco-friendly products for the home. In other words, begin by ensuring that the product is kind to the environment. Consider the ingredients used, but also consider things like the packaging and shipping methods.

For instance, concentrated formulas and refillable bottles are one green option. Recycled-content packaging is another. Bulk shipping is a green initiative. Pumps are more eco-friendly than aerosols, and all products should provide clear labeling that includes information about how to use the product as well as how to properly dispose of the product.... read more

Insights into Green Travel from a Commercial Contractor

To many businesses in the travel and hospitality industry today, it's all about becoming LEED certified. Formally I was an independent contractor. However it's been more interesting to get involved with green building materials and helping businesses become more energy efficient. I think that those businesses, which go beyond LEED certified, should be celebrated for doing more than the normal. 

There are a variety of things that people can do for conservation, self-sustaining facilities and resource efficiency, as well as community development. These types of categories are all what you will find in The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards. Many of the businesses are also awarded for cultural awareness, local events, wildlife conservation and community engagement. Awards can be earned from doing something simple as serving local ingredients at their businesses or incorporating self-sustaining or energy conscious building practices and materials. As one example, organizations can do this by installing automatic shut off valves for showers at hotels. There are many other ways that hotels can save on resources. One of the top destinations in America knows that better than anyone else. ... read more

Play Green Stay Healthy: Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids

As parents, we spend a lot of time trying to keep them safe.   Who could have imagined that harmless toys would have ever presented a threat to the health and well being of our children?   The North American scare over lead paint and imported children's toys and the new awareness about standards of production (or the lack thereof in foreign countries) was enough to start a revolution.  Demand is consistently growing for eco... read more

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

eco-friendly cleaningMore and more people are getting into cleaning their homes and laundry in a more eco-friendly way. Not only can it help protect the environment, the watercourse, plants and animals, but it can also benefit your family as well. In a time where allergies are high, it can be reassuring to use products with fewer harsh chemicals; ones that cause fewer breathing problems, rashes and adverse reactions. 

Recently discovered is a very real condition, termed multi-chemical sensitivity or MCS.  MCS is an allergic reaction in response to chemicals around the house, even those as seemingly innocuous as air freshener or washing up liquid. Symptoms include depression and anxiety, nausea, headaches and fatigue. Muscle pain and insomnia are amongst the long list of reported symptoms, which can be mild to completely debilitating. ... read more

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Environmentally Friendly

eco-friendly outdoor spaceEveryone loves the great outdoors, but we must all work together to take care of the environment. One great way to make an impact right in your own corner of the planet is to “go green” in the back yard. Even a few small, inexpensive changes can make a difference. 

Choose Green Materials

Many traditional building materials are not environmentally friendly. For example, typically decks are built of treated lumber that must be retreated with chemicals to prevent rot. Nevertheless, this decking eventually breaks down and requires replacement. The same is true for fencing and even patios. Traditional materials experience wear over time, and they are also made in factories that may not be environmentally sustainable.

Instead of traditional building materials, search for more sustainable options. For example, fences can be made from bamboo, which is long-lasting, prolific and fast-growing, and decks can be constructed from cedar, which is naturally moisture resistant. Both of these options eliminate the need for additional chemicals. Greener still, you can choose a composite product that looks like wood but is made from recycled materials, including plastics and metal.

Look for manufacturers who have a “Cradle to Cradle” certification, which indicates that their products are safe for the environment, safe for people and durable.... read more

7 Eco-Friendly Tips for When You’re Out of Town

You finally have a chance to do something kind for the planet. Before you leave town, be sure you take the time to make your home more eco-friendly. It will save you money on your power bill and it will give you a chance to conserve for the planet. 

Forget About Air 

Be sure to turn off your thermostat before you leave town. You waste electricity by trying to heat or cool a home when nobody is home. Also, turn out your pilot light on those gas furnaces, but be sure you know how to safely relight it when you get home. 

If you are worried a hard freeze will damage your plumbing, simply turn your furnace down as low as it will go and close the vents to the rooms that don’t need heat. ... read more

Reducing Energy Wastage

reduce energy wasteToday we have a guest blog post from our friends at Everest.  These tips will help you to stop wasting energy and reduce your monthly bills!
While it is true to say that home energy use has actually declined in over the last few decades, the cost of household bills has soared. In fact the cost of these bills is up from £960-£1030.
And, with spring barely rearing its head so far, the recent cold snaps have undoubtedly resulted in an increase in energy use in the home. Did you know there are things that we can do to reduce energy wastage in order to save on utility costs? 
Here are some suggestions from leading home improvements specialists Everest:
A clean chimney is an energy efficient one.  
Sweeping the chimney of soot and debris will ensure your fire burns safely and efficiently – and this will help you to save on fuel.... read more

Green Home Organizing Tips

Green organization is a way of improving and ordering your home through the use of organic or natural materials. It consists of replacing toxic chemicals, hazardous dyes and non-natural materials we use in our home as decoration and more. Its goal is to promote a better, cleaner home which keeps our environment clean as well as healthy. 

You can stick to three major principles when it comes to green home organizing. Eco-friendly techniques include the reusing, recycling and reducing of all you can work with. Keeping these in mind can greatly help you in making your home safer and better. Staying true to these three principles allows you to lessen your impact on nature, being responsible for your energy waste and habits. ... read more

April is Earth Month!

Green Goes Simple: Conservation at Home

Go Green for Earth Month

By Elizabeth Dwoskin for Green Goes Simple

There’s nothing more precious to parents than their kids -- nothing more important than making sure they are as healthy and as safe as possible. Earth Month is the perfect time for parents to put their kids first by making small, easy changes that protect the health of both their little ones and the earth.

While parents can’t control every aspect of their kid’s lives -- though most wish they could -- there is one place where they can take full charge: the home. And these days, lots of parents are looking for green solutions to make their homes more sustainable. Don’t you wish that you had someone to just whisper in your ear, giving you quick and easy green tips every time you needed them?

Enter Janelle Sorensen, chief communications officer for Healthy Child Healthy World. For 20 years, this nonprofit group has been all about giving families the tools they need to create cleaner, greener and safer homes. Sorensen gave us some easy suggestions that you can use to start greening your home -- and saving money -- right away.... read more

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