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Designing an Eco-Friendly kitchen

If you are re-designing your kitchen or having a new kitchen built, you may want the kitchen to be as green and cost efficient as possible. With technology fast advancing and more and more people looking to live greener it is getting a lot easier to do so. Here are a few ways to make your new kitchen greener.

Kitchen using LED's for lighting


It’s 2012 and halogen lights are fast becoming something of the past. With LED lighting fast advancing and becoming cheaper to the general user, right now is the time to switch to LED lighting! Halogen lighting may be initially cheaper to purchase than LED lighting but the low energy consumption and long life will certainly pay you back several times over. It is estimated that by switching to LED light bulbs from halogen bulbs you will get your return within 3 years and anything after that is pure saving! LED light bulbs use as little as 10% energy of that of halogen light bulbs, making them ideal if you are looking to live green. LED light bulbs can last up to 15 years continuous use. There are many different types of LED lighting you can use to save energy from LED light bulbs to LED Tape.... read more

Tactics for beginners to choose eco-friendly cleaning products

Eco-friendly products help in protecting the health of the users and safety of the environment. Being green is not just about going to a shop and buying products which are labelled as 'natural', 'green', and Eco-friendly. You should gather more information about them and look at their ingredients before taking a decision to purchase them. Here are some of the tips for beginners to choose Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Check the Ingredients

It is always good to check the ingredients before you buy an Eco-friendly cleaning product. If there is no list of ingredients pasted on the packing on the product, its good to stop purchasing that product. Make sure that the ingredients list doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. Eco-friendly products are generally supposed to be made without any artificial chemicals like Ammonia, Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl, etc. which might harm both its users and the environment. The absence of an ingredient list is a big risk that shouldn't be taken. ... read more

4 Naturally Green Ways to Avoid High Health Costs

There is more to being green than protecting the planet. It is also about health. From the water we drink to the lotions we put on our bodies, the amount of harm we can potentially cause from disregarding environmentally sound practices is scary. But, in a world where, one week, coffee causes cancer, and another it actually provides major health benefits, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to do to stay healthy. And, as we all know, staying healthy is majorly important for our pocketbooks.

From medical expenses to higher insurance premiums, the need to stay healthy and fit is not just a health decision, it is a financial one. Luckily, some of the best ways to accomplish both goals are actually very natural lifestyle decisions. If taken on fully, these changes can provide major benefits to your current and future health, ultimately saving you money.... read more

Cool Recycled Home Decors Made from Apple Computers

In present times, where technology seems to have the ability to deliver and offer everything a man can wish for, computers and gadgets can be found everywhere. Especially computers, from offices, cafes, malls, these peripheral devices can be found even at your home. But what do you exactly do when your computer become obsolete, outdated, or all of a sudden, broke down.

Well, some creative minds offered the following ideas on turning their Apple iMac computers to cool and uncanny house decorations:

iMac Aquarium – is computer-aquarium made by detaching the electrical component inside an iMac monitor including the cathode-ray tube and replacing it with a custom-made aquarium. The idea came from a professional photographer named Jake Harms from Nebraska, United States. He admitted that it took him a great deal of time to create a perfect curved shape similar to the iMac’s cathode ray tube. Presently, he sells iMac Aquarium online for $250 each, available in colors red, blue, aqua and white.

Crunching G4 Table – is a geeky-chic table made of two iMac G4 CPUs. Mike Elgan of, described the Crunching G4 Table as, “a coffee table made with Macintosh G4s. The machine itself is obsolete. But the product is too beautiful to destroy or discard. Repurposing it into furniture lets us remember it.” It is available for the price of $600 at read more

Act Now to Stay Cool Next Summer

fanThe time to think about cooling is when it’s cool, not hot. So begin preparing for a cooler summer now and through the spring. Doing so will have you sitting pretty when the thermostat starts hitting its July and August highs. 

The methods you choose will depend on several variables, not the least of which is your own internal thermostat. Some people can tolerate more heat than others. If you’re not afraid of a little perspiration, for example, any number of low-tech solutions may be all you need. As a bonus, low-tech tends to be greener and less expensive than mechanical solutions. If your tolerance to heat is low, or if you live in a climate where the heat is relentless, choose from one of several central air conditioning systems. They are quieter and more efficient than window air conditions and won’t obstruct your windows. They’re also more secure, giving intruders one less way to break into your home.... read more

The UK’s community solar revolution

In the last 18 months the UK has seen a rise in the number of community solar PV installation projects across the country. With Government schemes such as the FiT (Feed in Tariff)  and Renewable Heat incentive, coupled with a drop in installation prices, investing in solar for non-domestic buildings is an attractive option. The community solar movement is fast gathering speed: the visibility of solar panels on the roofs of schools, church halls, housing associations and energy cooperatives is inspiring others to follow suit.  Solar is one of the most accessible routes to the micro generation of sustainable low carbon power.  And, not only do these kinds of projects mean that communities reduce their carbon emissions, and lower their bills, they also divert power away from the ‘Big Six’ energy companies controlling 99% of UK supplies back into the hands of the local people.  

In his seminal book Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered E.F. Schumacher wrote that the future health of mankind, and the planet, depended on us working together on a smaller, more appropriate scale.  He believed that the way forward was for communities to take control of their local economies, technologies, and renewable energy generation. In this way, things function on a human, rather than corporate scale:  people need to have a say, and a stake in local ownership and local government to feel engaged, connected and valued.  Although his book was written nearly half a century ago, it is particularly pertinent today. ... read more

How to Tell if Your Appliances are Actually Green

eco-friendly appliancesThe effects of human activity on the environment are real, and homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to make their homes greener without making dramatic lifestyle changes. By decreasing energy and water use, you can make a significant environmental impact. However, this doesn’t mean that your family doesn’t have to resort to sitting in the dark or hand-pumping water out of a well. By utilizing green appliances in the home, you can make a significant impact.

But what exactly are green appliances? These types of appliances use less electricity and water to run. As a result, your individual home needs are far less than someone who uses old appliances. Overtime, you will see dramatic differences between your family’s electricity and water consumption. Some of the best ways to tell this difference is on a yearly basis. For example, the amount of resources you use for the month of December this year will likely be less than that of last December when you used outdated appliances.... read more

Better Than Bamboo


What could be greener than flooring made from grass? The answer is all around us.

by Tim Snyder

Bamboo has become an all-but-essential ingredient in any “green” house. Prefinished bamboo flooring is the most commonly used bamboo product, but today it’s possible to buy cabinets, countertops and cutting boards made from this tree-like grass. According to a report by Dovetail Partners (, there are over 1,200 bamboo species worldwide, covering an estimated 54 million acres. 

A stand of bamboo can be harvested for processing into flooring and other lumber products in just 3-7 years. Compared to an oak tree that might require 125 years to mature, bamboo can truly be considered an exceptionally renewable resource. But before you commit to bamboo flooring, cabinetry or furniture, consider a few details that aren’t so green. The Dovetail Partners report points out that in China (the world’s largest producer of bamboo products), clear-cutting practices to harvest bamboo have caused erosion and loss of natural forestlands. Details in the report indicate that widespread demand for bamboo has led to unsustainable practices in some areas.... read more

Lexmark Turns Inkjet Cartridges to Recycled Pens

In the recent years, Lexmark has been earning a reputation in being an environment-conscious company contributing with its program that helps in our environment’s conservation and sustainability. From its efforts of designing its products with the environment in mind, to how they engineer their packaging to reduce materials, all the way to their recycling programs, Lexmark strives to be an environmentally responsible provider of products and services.

One of these recycling programs Lexmark have conducted is their Ink Cartridge Recycling Program, these allows its customers to ship back their used inkjet cartridges back to them to be remanufactured, re-filled with new toner and re-sale as quality Lexmark remanufactured printer cartridges. But last 2010, Lexmark came up with a bright idea to remanufacture or recycle empty inkjet cartridges and that’s by converting them into pens.... read more

Remodeling Your Kitchen with the Environment in Mind

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of your entire home. From cleaning to cooking and eating, it’s no wonder that this room can also produce the most greenhouse gases from your home. However, the good news is that there are multiple opportunities to green your home simply by making changes in the kitchen. Whether you are looking for a few big changes or a complete remodel, consider the following tips to help make your kitchen the greenest room in the home. 

Energy-Saving Appliances

Kitchen appliances not only affect your electric bill, but they are also some of the most greenhouse gas producers in the home. These same appliances can also contribute to unnecessary water waste. From refrigerators to dishwashers and ovens, you can be making a negative impact on the environment just by doing everyday tasks. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a decreased energy output and three trillion gallons of water can be saved if every American home switched to energy-efficient appliances.... read more

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