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A Paws-itively Great Way to Go Green Online

Today we are pleased to share another guest blog post by Joyce Amaro, the public education manager for the City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program. We were lucky enough to have a guest blog post by Joyce back in January explaining the basics of stormwater. Thanks for another informative post!


The digital information age has provided animal lovers with a ton of resources to discover everything from pet health and safety tips to the latest pet clothing trends. However, scouring through the abundance of information available can be overwhelming, especially for the busy dog owner. Fortunately, for those residents who want quick, trusted tips on how to protect their companion while also reducing their pets’ carbon paw print, the City of LA’s Stormwater Program is offering free dog-related electronic email updates. ... read more

Solar Powered What?!?! 10 strange gizmos from bikinis to soccer balls...

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on all stuff solar – especially solar power for homes/businesses and solar water heating. But there are lots of products out there that don't require a major purchase in order to reduce your CO2 emissions. Some of them are a bit strange, but hey, I'll take it!

1. Solar Powered Bikini – Don't you hate it when your iPod and laptop run out of power at the beach? Dilemma solved. Student Andrew Schnieder designed the solar powered bikini with 1 USB input... just avoid the water.... read more

California Solar Initiative Solar Thermal Rebate Program

california solar thermal heat

I recently wrote an article about the California Solar Initiative rebate incentive program, focusing on the “general market program” for PV solar installation. One of the other programs under the CSI umbrella is the Solar Thermal Hot Water program.... read more

Sunlight Solar Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

Everyone knows that GREEN is the cool thing to do these days. Most of us do it because its the right thing to do for the future of our planet, but many companies have popped up to capitalize on this without practicing what they preach.  This is NOT the case with Sunlight Solar, an Oregon based solar installation company.  Sunlight Solar is a true example of companies that not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, too. ... read more

Environmental Action Speaks Louder than Words, Even in the Pet Industry -- Guest Post

Today we're excited to present a guest blog post by Gail VanWart, owner of Peaked Mountain Farm in Dedham, Maine.


Since everyday is like Earth Day on Peaked Mountain Farm, it amuses us that eco-superiority is a new “trend” being talked about for 2011. Our fields of native Wild Blueberries are organic, we generate wind power and package our products responsibly. Our products are so minimally processed, a Wild Blueberry plant can be grown from our Bite O’ Blue® dog treats—true achievement of natural sustainability.... read more

Bats in your garden: Go Batty!

Bats in the belfry?  Nah.  How about bats in your backyard?  YES!  

Bats can work as natural pesticides.  One lone single bat can catch HUNDREDS of insects per hour.   Bats can protect gardens and farms from damage by many pests including moths, June beetles, moths, mosquitoes, and more.  

If you'd like to use bats to protect your garden or crops, you might need to get them into your yard.  Luckily, it's easy to attract bats.... read more

5 Items the Eco-Conscious New Parent Doesn't Need

When expecting a new child, you might find yourself bombarded with the ideas of "stuff."  You need this, you need that, don't get this, buy that, etc.   Here are five baby items that I feel a green parent really doesn't money and reduce waste!  

- A baby wipe warmer.  If the wipes are that cold, just warm them up in your hands for few minutes.  The wipe warmer is a waste of energy and usually by the time your baby gets a little older they won't mind a cold wipe on their skin.  You can even make your own baby wipes with old t-shirts and receiving you really don't even need baby wipes!

- A bottle warmer.   If you plan to breast feed, definitely skip this purchase.  Even if you end up bottle-feeding, this isn't really a necessary item either.  If you're home, you can warm a bottle up in some hot water.  If you're out to eat, restaurants will often give you a cup of hot water to warm up a bottle.  My son was not usually particular about his milk or formula being warm, and room temperature sufficed.   Breast milk can actually sit at room temperature for 6 hours before it spoils.  Formula shouldn't sit at room temperature for more than an hour, but you can always mix it on the go with room temperature water.... read more

Do you need to preheat your oven?

preheating your oven

It was a lazy Saturday night, and we were just going to heat up a frozen pizza for dinner.  A lot of times with things like a pizza, a homemade casserole, lasagna, etc, I stick the food directly in the oven while it's heating up.  My husband noticed me do the with the frozen pizza and he was horrified.  "But, you didn't preheat the oven!  You always need to preheat the oven!"  

I usually do this due to impatience (I figure the food can start cooking as the oven is preheating) but it got me wondering about the energy consumption factor.  And, is preheating the oven really necessary?

And so, I did a little Googling to see what I could find.... read more

Costco's New Seafood Policy -- Thanks, Costco!

Last summer, we discussed Greenpeace's campaign urging Costco to stop selling unsustainable fish.  Today?  Victory!  

Costco is one of the largest seafood retailers in the country, so this is a really big deal.  They will no longer be selling 12 red list species which includes orange roughy and Atlantic halibut.  Additionally, they agreed to better their aquaculture practices and work on creating a more sustainable tuna industry.  Thank you, Costco!  ... read more

What's your water footprint?

You hear plenty about lowering your carboon footprint these days.  But, what about water?  How much water do you use?  

National Geographic offers a Water Footprint Calculator.  

Some of the stuff that goes into your Water Footprint is obvious:  showers, toilet flushing, laundry, etc.  However, many of the things that go into your Water Footpring are less obvious, such as purchasing electronics and clothes.... read more

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