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Power Storage

Solar events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming SOLAR events in the San Francisco Bay Area - Week of October 19 - 24, 2009

Tapping into solar energy has many benefits: reduced burning of fossil fuels, independence from foreign energy producers, a lower electricity and gas usage bill -- and helping protect the planet's climate! ... read more

Electric motorcycles and scooters help the environment

Over the past two years, sales of small motorcycles and scooters rose rapidly as an economical transportation mode. The electric versions have been gaining grounds as well. Electric scooterElectric scooter

Electric motorcycles and scooters, the two or three wheeled vehicles that use electric motors for power, have been around as early as 1860’s (earliest references were found in patents). Today’s electric motorcycles combine the best aspects of a traditional gasoline-powered motorcycle with the most advanced technology available.... read more

Do electric cars really help the environment? Are they 'green'?

Are hybrid and electric vehicles batteries a Green alternative or add hazardous chemicals to our landfills?

Visiting the West-Coast Green conference in San Francisco this past week confirmed the feel-good and coolness of electric vehicles. Photo from Photo from hybridcars.comPhoto from Photo from

I would definitely be a happy camper if I win the electric bike or electric tricycle raffle!... read more

Renewable Energy Zone Act to Tackle Transmission Problem

On February 23, 2009 Senator Harry Reid proposed new legislation creating renewable energy zones throughout the country to raise the amount of renewable used in the American power grids.  His comments before the National Clear Energy Project in Neusom, Nevada centered on the potential of the United States to use solely renewable sources to power the nation through proper placements of power structures and transmission.... read more

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