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3 Simple Uses for Old Papers

My family's gotten into the recycling routine at home- we recycle paper, plastic, cans, plastic bags, and yard trimmings.  It's hardly a feat to be proud of because it's so easy- our city's recycling service picks up all of these materials from our curb each week, with minimal sorting required of us.  Reusing materials (the more environmentally friendly alternative, since it avoids the energy consumption involved in recycling) has not been our strength, and I'm trying to work on that.  Reusing obviously takes a little more effort and creativity that simply tossing an empty soda can into a recycling bin.  Here are three simple ways to reuse old paper such as old bills, draft documents we don't need anymore, and credit card offer letters:... read more

Picking up litter

In an effort to stay in shape, I have taken up running a few times a week.  Yesterday, after my run, I took a cool-down walk around my block.  I spotted an empty plastic bottle lying on the sidewalk.  I decided to pick up the waste and quickly spotted another one.  This process continued for the duration of my walk around the block. 

When I got back to my house, I had accumulated 9 empty plastic containers, 3 aluminum cans, and 5 pieces of cardboard.  Again, this was all collected from a walk around one block, on one side of the street!  I was appalled at the mess that the slobs who travel our street leave.  While we can wish that the litterers of the world will cease their foul habits, the onus of cleaning up must rest solely on those of us who care about living in a clean environment.... read more

Trash Cans Are Fun! We Mean It!

You can pretty much upcycle anything, ya know! Especially when you have kids doing the upcycling!  Ever thought of upcycling a trash can?  Well Tristin and Tyler have and they did it with cool crafters from BROOKLYN CRAFT FARM

Tristin and Tyler with their projects!Tristin and Tyler with their projects!... read more

How can you turn a boring, grey trash can into something fun and useful?  Well, my friends, tune in to the next episode of Tristin and Tyler's tales from the City! with the little ones and find out!  It's fun project, super easy, of all, it can help keep the kids organized!

Solar Energy: Can You Recycle Solar Panels?

are solar panels recycled

I've often wondered what happens to solar panels after their 25 year lifespan.  This guest post from Seth Berger at Clean Energy Authority explains.


Solar power modules, much like electronics, contain a variety of potentially hazardous materials, and cannot be safely disposed of in landfills. Solar panels generally function for 20-25 years, so the majority of panels manufactured are still in use. However, in years to come, their disposal could become an issue. New companies like PV Recycling are therefore looking for ways to recycle or reuse these solar modules when they have reached the end of their lifespan.... read more

How Much Does Solar Thermal Cost?

Cost Solar Thermal

Many of us are interested in reducing our carbon footprint and saving money through solar thermal. Solar thermal is different that photovltaic solar - Photovoltaic Panels create electricity while solar thermal creates heat (usually used to heat water). While Photovoltaioc systems can be pricey, solar thermal is relatively affordable for the average Joe.  Learn more about the affordability of solar thermal from this guest post from Seth Berger at Clean Energy Authority.


Solar thermal energy is an environmentally-friendly way to provide heat for your home. Solar thermal systems can use either collection tanks that reflect solar energy into water storage tanks that provide hot tap water, or “solar walls” that warm external building surfaces, and circulate air near those surfaces to heat interior rooms.... read more

Know Your Recycling Terms

Recycling SymbolRecycling SymbolDespite its plain, gray cover, the Environotes memo pad still stood out among all the others on the shelf-- stood out because under the brand name, flanked by two green recycling symbols, were the words "Recycled Notebook: 100% Recycled Paper, 30% Post-Consumer Waste." This was clearly the notebook for me.

After I left the store, though, I wasn't so sure. What had I just bought? What was the difference between "recycled paper" and "post-consumer waste"? It's easy to be tricked or bewildered by recycling terms, but a little knowledge can go a long way towards making green choices.... read more

Tristin, Tyler and Dynamic Ducks!

Since World Oceans Day is coming up on June 8th, Tristin and Tyler take a trip to visit some friends who live in the water in this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! Caring for the ocean and all of the creatures that call the ocean home is super important.  With the Pacific Garbage Patch growing and growing, it's so important to teach kids about our friends who call the ocean home.

Tristin and Tyler Enjoying The Ducks!Tristin and Tyler Enjoying The Ducks!... read more

How to Recycle Mattresses

Today was have a guest blog post by Hasic M, the editor of  Thanks for a great guest blog post!  I always wondered about how to recycle mattresses and now I know!  :-)


Every year, thousands of old mattresses are simply dumped unceremoniously on top of ever-growing piles of junk and garbage heaps. These old mattresses are considered no longer useful by their owners, and they are simply disposed of in the easiest way possible. However, disposing of mattresses in this way is not the most efficient, and can actually cause serious damage to the environment.

Old mattresses often were manufactured before the days of environmental consciousness and concern over the health of the plant, and most old mattresses were simply designed to be sturdy and effective. Not much care was given to protecting the environment and making sure that the mattresses could be disposed of safely, making old mattresses an environmental hazard if not recycling effectively.... read more

Tristin and Tyler UPCYCLE!

Tiffany, Tristin and TylerTiffany, Tristin and Tyler

In this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! the boys meet Tiffany Threadgould of Replayground! Tiffany upcycles trash into all sorts of cool items! In this episode, be sure to catch Tiffany's headband made from a plastic bag, or her belt made from soda can tops.... read more

Upcycling is so fun! For those of you who don't know what upcycling is, it's the process of repurposing trash or other items that may be thrown away, and turning it into something that will have a greater or brand new purpose! If you turn a blanket into curtains, that's upcycling too, it doesn't have to be trash that's being repurposed.  Upcycling is a great process because it keeps trash out of the landfils and gives it a new life!

Tristin and Tyler's GREEN TOONZ!

YAY! It's EARTH WEEK and almost EARTH DAY!

Tristin and Tyler: Earth Lovers!: Tristin and TylerTristin and Tyler: Earth Lovers!: Tristin and Tyler

In honor of our fabulous Earth, me and my twin brother have gotten animated! YUP! Animated!  JC Little of Little Animation turned us into little animated EARTH HUGGERS for Earth Day!

Please check out our first ever animated short about UPCYCLING!  It's really fun because it invites kids to use their imagination when upcycling or reusing materials! Truly, anything is possible, especially when your goal is saving the EARTH!


Tristin and Tyler

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