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Tristin and Tyler Donate Denim! Yup, your kiddies can too!

Editor's Note:  We're pleased to present the first Tristin and Tyler post on Keen for Green.  We're lucky to have them -- and stay tuned for more Tristin and Tyler!  -- Krissy


We are sooooo excited to join the KEEN FOR GREEN family and share fun-filled, super GREEN episodes of our series "Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City!" with you!

We love to meet people all over New York City who are doing their part to help this BIG world of ours stay green and clean! Trying to go GREEN with kiddies isn't easy, so we take adventures around the city to show kids and their caregivers ways they can help the environment too!  We also show people going green in ways that you'd never think possible! So sit back, watch an episode and then go out and do the same activity with your favorite kiddies!... read more


A while back Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick reinstated the Incinerator Moratorium. The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has had in place a moratorium on new municipal solid waste combustion facilities since 1990 ( Incinerators that produce energy are also known as waste to energy facilities (WTE). These facilities burn solid waste (garbage, trash, etc.) and produce energy from the incineration of trash. Many hope this moratorium will increase and expand recycling efforts.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need incinerators or landfills. The Governor is pushing towards a zero waste society. No society like this currently exists.

Trash still exists even without new incinerators being built. The trash is instead many times being trucked out of state to landfills. This is far from environmentally friendly. Large trucks hauling trash far distances create a large amount of emissions from the diesel trucks exhaust.

Incinerators automatically get a bad rap from people. They're not as evil as most people think. Modern incinerators create energy and power themselves. Most modern incinerators create enough energy to put back into the grid. In Pittsfield, MA a waste to energy facility powers itself and helps power a paper making facility down the street from it.... read more

Pepsi unveils plant-based bottle

This week, Pepsi revealed a new plastic bottle, made entirely out of plant-based materials.

Says the AP:  "The bottle is made from switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials. Ultimately, Pepsi plans to also use orange peels, oat hulls, potato scraps and other leftovers from its food business."


PepsiCo is going to test the bottle next year starting with a few hundred thousand bottles to make see if they can produce the new bottles on a large scale.  If they can, all PepsiCo bottles will be made from this plant-based plastic.  They have said that these bottles cost as much to produce as a traditional plastic bottle.... read more

Are Starbucks Cups Recyclable?

StarbucksStarbucks are everywhere.  They're on practically every street corner in San Francisco, in touristy areas of China, in some Target stores, and in some supermarkets.  Most of us have the best eco-intentions, but it's so frequent that we forget our reusable cups at home.  And so, we use the single use cups that Starbucks offers.

But, are they recyclable?  Usually not.... read more

In most cities, there is only one place to dispose of your Starbucks cup, and that's in the garbage.  This is because the cups are made of both paper AND plastic.  Most municipalities simply don't have the setup to recycle materials like this.    

Good Reasons to Recycle

As easy as it is to recycle in most cities, there are still many people who don't recycle.  There are many excuses, but the benefits of recycling trump them all.

- Recycling saves energy.  Things made of recycled materials don't need to be made from new resources, so it cuts down on the amount of energy used.  

- Recycling uses less space in landfills.  Instead of cans and bottles sitting in a landfill forever, they'll be reused.  ... read more

A Greener Cup of Joe

While doing some holiday shopping last week, I noticed a mall kiosk selling those K-Cup coffee makers.  I first encountered the Keurig coffee makers at work about five years ago.  I don't drink coffee, but I never liked the tea it brewed.  It was never the right strength.  Aside from that, it dawned on me how wasteful those machines are.  The cups are not recyclable, so by the end of the workday, a lot of waste would accumulate.  

Even though I don't agree with the use of these machines, I can sort of understand why an office would want to have them.   But now I am seeing them appear in homes, where I really don't understand the point.   With the kiosk at the mall, they were obviously targeting holiday shoppers who would likely buy these coffee makers for friends and relatives.  What an ungreen way to make coffee!  The Carbon Diet website breaks down just how wasteful these machines are.   Yuck.

Now it's time to think about how to green your coffee.  ... read more

Recycle Your Toilet: Turn your Toilet into Tiles

toilet recyclingSo, it's time to remodel your bathroom, but what should you do with your old toilet? Over nintey percent of all old potties end up in landfills and will take hundreds of years to decompose.  Not yours - you will recycle your toilet!

Various companies are turning up which offer toilet recyling, such as Ecycleenenvironmental. However, many of these companies require bulk amounts of toilets and it's not quite clear where the porcelain ends up.... read more

More To Those Bags Than Meets the Eye

As I've been doing my Christmas shopping this year, running from store to store looking for the perfect gift for people (yes I know it's early -- I like doing it early so I have time to change my mind!), I've been thinking about reusable bags.  When home in DC, I swear by them and take them everywhere with me.  Doing Black Friday shopping in my small hometown in Pennsylvania, the thought never crossed my mind.  

So this got me thinking: are reusable bags more than just a simple way to 'go green'? Have they morphed into some kind of urban elitist thing or a status symbol of some kind?... read more

Political Waste

During the most recent election I was reminded of the colossal waste that occurs from politicians running for office. Everything from flyers to lawn signs end up as trash. Think of how many times you were handed a flyer or found one stuck to your car during not only the most recent election, but past elections as well.

Both sides are at fault for this, even independents and third party candidates contribute to this problem. Even the “Pro Environment” Democrats are to blame just as much as the Republicans.... read more

Today is America Recycles Day!

 Today is America Recycles Day!  Since 1997, America Recycles Day has been the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs.  Learn about the challenge and take a pledge to spread the good word about recycling and become a more educated recycler.  ... read more

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