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Sustainable Sources of Energy

sustainable energy - windHumans require energy to engage in normal activities in their daily lives. This includes traveling that is required to get to work or school, cooking food, construction of buildings, and the manufacturing of all the mundane products in use each day. Energy is needed to power the daily lives of the individuals who live throughout the world. The consumption of energy is growing every day and this means sustainable sources of energy are needed. Sustainable sources of energy are those that are renewable.

1. Water

The use of water for power has existed long before the invention of electricity. Water has been used for powering mills and other machinery located next to a river. Stream is a byproduct of water that is being used to generate electricity and has been used to power locomotives. The construction of dams in many countries around the world proves that water can be harnessed as a sustainable source of energy. A dam to hold back a river creates a reservoir. The water in the reservoir is sent through large pipes into a turbine to generate electricity that is stored in a battery or sent to the power grid.... read more

Grey Is The New Green

Green is the colour associated with the environment, but why not grey? Used and grey bathwater can look pretty unpleasant, but in the coming decades the thought of our bathwater being recycled may become increasingly more common. There are already a number of methods in place that can facilitate the recycling of water which we use in the home. 

Grey water is water that is recycled, typically the water that's used for washing clothes and dishes, and/or for showering and bathing. There are a number of methods used to prevent the water from being wasted, which range from a simple bucket to the type of grey water recycling system made by the likes of Lowara and Armstrong. Grey water systems are one clever way through which water can be recycled. These systems can be used to redirect water from butts, and redirect used bathwater and washing machine water, to create a water system that caters for the needs of everyone in a home.... read more

10 Tips to Becoming an Eco-Warrior in Your Home

Fossil fuels and electricity are currently at an all-time high and as a consequence homeowners are becoming far more environmentally friendly. There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption whilst gaining maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Not only is it healthy for the environment, it is also healthy for your wallet and bank balance.... read more

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We're pleased to be partnering with PUR to giveaway an awesome faucet mount water filter!  I have one myself and we were able to put it together, install, and drink fresh filtered water within minutes.  It's sturdy and takes up less space than a pitcher.  I'm a fan and you're sure to like it, too!

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The New Sea Stories

As I plumped myself down to watch Greenfire Productions’ new documentary, Ocean Frontiers, I was ready for a fight. Not to actually be in a fight, mind you, I just wanted to watch one from the comfort of the plush seats at the New England Aquarium’s IMAX theater. Ocean Frontiers starts with a familiar setup; ecosystems stretched to breaking, rickety regulations that are hardly adequate, and everyone wanting a bigger piece of the pie, or at least to keep what they have. I anticipated such well-worn narratives as right vs wrong, perceptive vs blind, spiritual vs benighted -- the usual. But that’s not what I got. Ocean Frontiers shows four coastal communities who sidestepped the gridlock of their eco-struggles and found solutions that worked for everyone, and for the ocean. (Conflict of interest alert: I’m on Greenfire’s board.)
... read more

Water Consumption Infographic

This afternoon we have a guest blog post and infographic about water consumption from our friends at  


Amongst the many ways to conserve water, such as turning off the faucet while you wash dishes, making sure the sprinkler is only used on the grass and not wasted on the house or sidewalk, and turning off the water while brushing your teeth – there is actually an easier fix that can conserve water. No, it’s not a lifestyle change or elimination of a task, rather a one step fix.

Low-flow fixtures on your home appliances can save you an abundance of water and money. For example, if your toilet is flushed 15 times a day, you can save 24,000 gallons of water each year with a water-saving toilet. If one household used low-flow fixtures on their faucet, washing machine, shower head and toilet, they have the potential to save 40,000 gallons of water per year and 30% on their water bill. If every household in the U.S. also used these fixtures, we could save 2 trillion gallons of water per year, worth over 4 billion dollars.... read more

Water Wisdom: How to Conserve Water Every Day

Green Goes Simple: Conservation at Home


By Cynthia Ramnarace for Green Goes Simple

If there is a sound that immediately drives me insane, it’s that of a running tap. And because you have to tell kids the same thing 5,000 times before they get it -- “You don’t need the water on when you brush your teeth!” -- I hear a lot of water waste as I go through my day.

It drives me nuts not only because it’s money down the drain, but also because water is such a precious resource. I was fortunate enough to see this firsthand during a trip to Kenya several years ago. When you’re living in a drought-prone region and the only water you have comes from collected rain water, conservation is how you survive.... read more

A New Green Home in Newton, Massachusetts

I recently had the opportunity to view the construction of a sustainable house being built in my neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts.  The home was designed by LDa Architecture and Interiors, based out of Cambridge, MA.  

... read more

San Francisco Promotes Financial Incentives for Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

The San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment) is partnering with the city Assessor-Recorder's office and Energy Upgrade California to launch the SF Home Improvement & Performance (SFHIP) incentive program. The goal of the program is to increase the affordability of "green" home improvements for San Franciscans. San Francisco is one of the only cities in California that provides governmental incentives in addition to state and federal incentives for going solar.

... read more

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