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Smart Deodorant - Natural deodorant that actually works!

Review Summary
Organic deodorant that works better than most!
Organic and comes in a glass jar.
Cheaper than most traditional deodorants.

I have tried so many types of natural deodorant.   Usually they'd wear off a few hours later.  I came to the conclusion that natural deodorants were simply no match for my BO, and I'd go off to CVS to buy Secret Clinical Strength.  

I was hopeful (albeit skeptical due to my track record) that Smart Deodorant would be different.

When I received the deodorant in the mail, I immediately noticed that it was not like other natural deodorants.  Instead of it coming in a difficult-to-recycle plastic applicator, it comes in recycled baby food jars.  I thought this was genius.  ... read more

Compost Bag Review: BioBag 3-gallon Kitchen Food Waste Bag

Review Summary
This product makes kitchen composting so much easier!!
100% compostable, 100% biodegradable
A little bit pricey, but worth it

Compost Bag REview

I always have trouble sticking with daily composting.  Despite my Monday morning vow to compost diligently through the week, by Wednesday morning the kitchen bin is full, and between the kids, dogs, laundry, and the who-knows-what-that-sticky-stuff-all-over-the-floor-is, the food scraps go directly into the trash can for the remainder of the week.... read more

Organic Stuffed Animal Review: Fair Indigo Joobles

Review Summary
It is super cute, super soft, and super durable
It is 100% organic and fair trade
It's a bit pricey, but makes a great gift


Organic Stuffed Animal REview is a clothing and gift company dedicated to fair-trade and eco-conscious production. Their Joobles organic stuffed animal collection is an absolutely adorable line of critters (the giraffe is pictured; there are 8 in total).

I was surprised by the high quality craftsmanship and durability of this toy. My rambunctious 2 year old and well-meaning golden retriever can destroy most anything in a matter of minutes. But this organic stuffed toy can be tugged and tossed around and holds up much better than an average stuffed animal. The Jooble is also incredibly soft and cuddly.... read more

Kids Konserve Snak Pak

Review Summary
Reusable snack bag and containers.
BPA and Phthalate free!
It's a little expensive, but very cool.

This is a very cool little snack bag, made by Kids Konserve.  Perfect for a small lunch, snack, or picnic, it produces a waste-free lunch.  Forget the Ziplocs, brown bags, and paper's time to "konserve!" :-)

The Snak Pak contains: a cotton drawstring bag, cotton napkin, a round leak-proof stainless steel container, and the reusable food wrap, dubbed "the food kozy."  

I find it very useful for going places with my toddler.  Everything can fit neatly in the bag and it doesn't create any garbage.   I don't know why I never thought of bringing a cloth napkin on the go!  I also throw in a few Lucky Butterfly reusable snack bags filled with cereal and other small snacks to keep some extra food handy. ... read more

NewLeaf Clean Dish and Hand Cleaner

Review Summary
Words great on dishes! Smells good, too.
Full ingredient disclosure, safe ingredients, and recyclable containers.
A little expensive, but still a good value for a high quality product.

newleaf clean

Last week I had the opportunity to try NewLeaf Clean's fantastic all-purpose cleaner.  This week my family used NewLeaf Clean's dish and hand soap exclusively in our kitchen.  

The first thing I noticed was the pleasant smell.  It smells clean and fresh without being overpowering or artificial.  It's actually one of the best smelling soaps I've used in recent memory.  ... read more

NewLeaf Clean All Purpose Cleaner

Review Summary
Extremely effective...even for big kitchen messes!
Full ingredient disclosure, easily recyclable containers.
Good price for a big bottle

newleaf clean

Last week I interviewed Sarapage Bauguss, Co-founder, President, and Creator of NewLeaf Clean.  Over the last few days, I had the opportunity to try out NewLeaf Clean's All Purpose Cleaner.

I was actually blown away by how powerful this cleaner is.  My stovetop was kind of a mess and this cleaner removed all of the gunk with barely any elbow grease necessary.  It worked great on my counters, too.  ... read more

Blake's Farmhouse Macaroni and Cheese

Review Summary
Delicious, reasonable in terms of calories
Pasta is organic, but since it's frozen it does have plastic wrap and a non-recyclable cooking tray
Reasonably priced

Since I telecommute, I like to keep some frozen meals in the freezer that I can easily heat up for lunch.  Last week at Whole Foods, I saw these little boxes of frozen mac and cheese.  The price was right, the portion looked good for lunch, and they had a few different varieties.  I grabbed the Farmhouse Mac and Cheese and the Mac and Cheese with Chicken.

I decided to heat the Farmhouse Mac and Cheese in the oven and not the microwave, even though it took over a half hour.   It was worth the wait, and this was the most perfect and simple comfort food on a dreary March day.... read more

Tea Lover's Eco Cup

Review Summary
Great reusable mug
No need to use a paper cup on the go
Good price and you can get a lot of use out of it.

I had been admiring these adorable mugs at my local Whole Foods for a while, but I didn't want to spend the money on myself.  I wound up getting one as a Christmas present for my cousin, while secretly wanting to keep it.   Luckily, my sister gave me one for Christmas, so I got one anyway!

It's a neat little cup.  It's great for any hot beverage, but what makes it particularly good for tea is that the little tea pot thingy that you can see in the picture is for positioning the tea bag string in place.  ... read more

Broody Chick Every Body Lotion

Review Summary
REALLY effective lotion
No SLS, full ingredient lists are are available
Great lotion, but SO expensive...

broody chick lotion

I've been using Broody Chick's Every Body Lotion here and there, and I liked it.  It made my hands feel nice and it smells good, too.  It has a very natural, pleasant scent.   It also is SLS-free and discloses all of its ingredients.  

I didn't realize quite how good this lotion was until the other day, however.  My 15-month old son had some very dry patches on his legs.  I generously slathered this lotion on his legs before bed and by the following morning the dry patches were completely gone.   It was like a miracle lotion.  ... read more

Full Circle Chlorine-Free Diapers

Review Summary
Great, reliable diapers
Chlorine-free, made with corn and wheat products
Comparable to other disposable diapers

full circle organics - diapers

Much like the other chlorine-free diapers I've reviewed (such as 365 Whole Foods and Seventh Generation), these are not an equally green alternative to cloth diapers.  They're just a slightly greener alternative to your average Pampers.  That said, these diapers were a combination of things I like:  chlorine-free, reliable, and inexpensive.

I read that these diapers are exactly the same as Earth's Best Chlorine-Free Diapers, possibly made by Earth's Best.  They have a cute little design on the front, which is also fun!  They haven't leaked for us at all, and my son is a heavy wetter!... read more