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Annie's Root 4 Kids Contest

Root 4 Kids, a project encouraging families and schools to eat well, is running a new contest.   All you have to do is sign up for Root 4 Kids.  The school with the most sign-ups between April 5 and May 31 will win either a new Farm to School program or a school garden.

Root 4 Kids is brought to you by Annie's, makers of some of my favorite mac and cheese and other yummy snacks.  For the contest, Root 4 Kids partnered with National Farm to School Network, an organization that connects schools to local farms. The winning school will be connected with a local farm, and the farm will provide healthy food in the school cafeteria and nutrition education in classrooms or through a school garden.   Parents, family members, teachers, and administrators can sign up at!  ... read more

A Waste-Free Lunch

thermosSay good-bye to single-use sandwich baggies, brown paper lunch bags, and Ziplocs. Let's look at some safe and eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional ways to pack a lunch.

Pyrex Containers:
While not great for little kids, these are perfect for a work lunch because if you need to heat something up in the microwave, you can heat it up and eat from it as well.

Stainless Steel:
Life Without Plastic has many wonderful options. They're air tight, and you can use them for your lunch or storing food at home as well.

Reusable Baggies:
Forget about Ziplocs and buy reusable snack and sandwich bags.  I love The Lucky Butterfly because they're cute, reusable, and easy to clean. They're great for your own lunch, kids lunches, or packing a picnic lunch.... read more

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Green your lunch!  Last summer, our blogger Liz wrote about how to make your school/work lunch produce less waste.  One excellent way?  Ditch the Ziplocs!  They're plastic, difficult to recycle because of the "zipper" component, and kinda expensive, too.  

Lucky for us, The Lucky Butterfly, maker of reusable snack and sandwich bags,  is offering FREE SHIPPING to Keen for Green readers!  Just use the coupon code "Keenforgreen" when checking out.  They even make custom ones in case you don't find a size/fabric that you like.... read more

5 Items the Eco-Conscious New Parent Doesn't Need

When expecting a new child, you might find yourself bombarded with the ideas of "stuff."  You need this, you need that, don't get this, buy that, etc.   Here are five baby items that I feel a green parent really doesn't money and reduce waste!  

- A baby wipe warmer.  If the wipes are that cold, just warm them up in your hands for few minutes.  The wipe warmer is a waste of energy and usually by the time your baby gets a little older they won't mind a cold wipe on their skin.  You can even make your own baby wipes with old t-shirts and receiving you really don't even need baby wipes!

- A bottle warmer.   If you plan to breast feed, definitely skip this purchase.  Even if you end up bottle-feeding, this isn't really a necessary item either.  If you're home, you can warm a bottle up in some hot water.  If you're out to eat, restaurants will often give you a cup of hot water to warm up a bottle.  My son was not usually particular about his milk or formula being warm, and room temperature sufficed.   Breast milk can actually sit at room temperature for 6 hours before it spoils.  Formula shouldn't sit at room temperature for more than an hour, but you can always mix it on the go with room temperature water.... read more

Meet Tristin and Tyler!

tristin & tylerTristin and Tyler are twin brothers who star in a web series called "Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City!" The boys go on adventures throughout New York City and teach the viewers about something interesting, and often green.   The series is fun, adorable, and educational.   ... read more

Support Public Broadcasting

save pbs, npr, pri

The other day, I turned on the television and caught a few minutes of the children's show Arthur on PBS.  The character of Buster was using a banana as a fake microphone and he proudly said that the microphone was "100% compostable!"  I thought to myself:  How cute and progressive for a little kids show!... read more

Balloons: Bad for marine life

Balloons are fun and festive, but unfortunately, when released outside they are really horrible for the environment.  They can harm wildlife, namely when they enter waterways.

Balloons often mark celebration.  I remember as a Girl Scout releasing balloons outside for part of an event.  A few years later looking upon that event in horror when I realized how much litter it must have caused  -- litter that could have hurt an animal.

It's not unusual for balloons to be eaten by whales, dolphins, turtles, and other marine life, who mistake them for food, such as jellyfish. gives an example of a a young sperm whale dying when it stranded on a New Jersey beach due to a balloon lodged in its stomach.  ... read more

The Battle of the "Green" Disposable Diapers

Over the last year or so, I've spent some time reviewing "greener" disposable diapers.   We primarily cloth diaper, but sometimes we use disposables for overnight, daycare, or travel.

Until totally biodegradable diapers become widely available at a good price, I can't imagine disposable diapers being a truly green and economical diapering option.  The chlorine-free diapers, such as the popular Seventh Generation, still contain plastic so they won't break down in a landfill.    

Some of these diapers are greener than others, and some more reliable than others.  Here's the breakdown:... read more

One week left of the Seventh Generation Green Baby Giveaway!

Don't forget!  

You have one week left to enter the Seventh Generation Green Baby Giveaway!  Don't miss out on your opportunity to win over $40 of great baby items from diapers to detergent and all sorts of cleaning stuff. ... read more

Keen for Green Halloween Guide

green halloween

With Halloween around the corner, I just wanted to recap some of our older and newer green Halloween posts.  

First, don't forget that this Saturday is National Costume Swap Day!  It's not too late to find a swap near you.  Don't bother buying a new costume when you can find a cool one at a swap.... read more