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Green Beauty Tips: How to Choose Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Green beauty products

Today there are more “green” beauty products on the market than ever before – which is great! It gives us a variety of choices (where there used to be few) while sticking to our environmental guns. But not all green beauty products are created equal. Even if the label says “natural,” “eco-friendly” or even “organic,” there are still a few things you should look for. Here's my quick guide for choosing environmentally friendly beauty products:

- Read the labels!! If you don't know what something is or can't pronounce it, it probably isn't very good for you or the environment.... read more

Meatless Mondays!!

Meatless Mondays

I am all about making small lifestyle changes to decrease my negative impact on the environment. While I may not be able to afford solar panels or an electric car, I CAN by local foods, hang-dry my clothes and do other small things which can add up to a BIG impact by the end of the year.... read more

10 Green Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Green

There is no better time to green your lifestyle that during pregnancy. Common pollutants that barely impact you and I  can have a much larger effect on your growing baby, in utero and out. Make these simple changes during pregnancy to establish healthy habits for your kiddo.

Here are some green pregnancy tips:... read more

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Food: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Through What You Eat

Food Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A comprehensive study released on July 18, 2011 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) outlines guidelines to help you, the consumer, make wiser food choices. We have long known that certain foods create an abundance of CO2 emissions. What this study adds is understanding the roll of the entire life cycle of various foods, whereas previous research mostly focuses on food production. The EWG research tracks food production, processing, consumption and waste disposal to teach us how to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and pollutions that result from our dietary habits.

“By eating and wasting less meat, consumers can help limit the environmental damage caused by the huge amounts of fertilizer, fuel, water, and pesticides, not to mention the toxic manure and wastewater, that goes along with producing meat,” said Kari Hamerschlag, EWG senior analyst and author of the report. “Choosing healthier, pasture-raised meats can also help improve people’s health and reduce the environmental damage associated with meat consumption.”

Five Worst Foods For the Environment:

1. Lamb, especially loin

2. Beef – choose grass-fed and lean meats to reduce your impact on the environment

3. Cheese (this one shocked me! Total bummer!) - Less dense cheese (such as cottage) results in fewer greenhouse gases since it takes less milk to produce it... read more

Companies team up to reduce lunchtime waste

kids konserveAnnie's Homegrown (makers of some of my favorite macaroni and cheese!), Stonyfield YoKidsHonest Kids, and Seventh Generation have teamed up for a back-to-school promotion with the goal of encouraging sustainability among kids.  

The goal of the promo is to get kids to stop brown bagging their lunch by offering a free Kids Konserve lunch bag with the purchase of participating products now through September 30, 2011.  You need four proofs of purchases to receive one.

These Kids Konserve re-useable lunch bags are washable and made out of recycled cotton.  Kids Konserve is awesome.  I have a Kids Konserve snack pack and it gets lots of use.  The bag is easily washed and we take it with us wherever we go! ... read more

3 Simple Uses for Old Papers

My family's gotten into the recycling routine at home- we recycle paper, plastic, cans, plastic bags, and yard trimmings.  It's hardly a feat to be proud of because it's so easy- our city's recycling service picks up all of these materials from our curb each week, with minimal sorting required of us.  Reusing materials (the more environmentally friendly alternative, since it avoids the energy consumption involved in recycling) has not been our strength, and I'm trying to work on that.  Reusing obviously takes a little more effort and creativity that simply tossing an empty soda can into a recycling bin.  Here are three simple ways to reuse old paper such as old bills, draft documents we don't need anymore, and credit card offer letters:... read more

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

fuzzi bunzDon't forget to enter the Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diaper Giveaway!  It ends on June 26, so there are less than 2 weeks to enter.   All you have to do is Like, Tweet, or blog!

Click here to read the rules and enter the giveaway!... read more

Trash Cans Are Fun! We Mean It!

You can pretty much upcycle anything, ya know! Especially when you have kids doing the upcycling!  Ever thought of upcycling a trash can?  Well Tristin and Tyler have and they did it with cool crafters from BROOKLYN CRAFT FARM

Tristin and Tyler with their projects!Tristin and Tyler with their projects!... read more

How can you turn a boring, grey trash can into something fun and useful?  Well, my friends, tune in to the next episode of Tristin and Tyler's tales from the City! with the little ones and find out!  It's fun project, super easy, of all, it can help keep the kids organized!

Solar Panels in San Jose – San Jose, California Schools Go Solar and Incorporate Solar Technology into Curriculum

san jose solar school

Last year, East Side Union High School District in San Jose, California joined forces with Chevron Energy Solutions (CES) to install solar panels on 6 school sites. The solar project's goal is threefold: 1) to save the struggling school district $7.6 million dollars over the next 5 years; 2) to prepare students for careers in the cleantech industry and spark student enthusiasm in science and the environment; and 3) to reduce the city's carbon emissions by 3,100 metric tons per year.

“Our schools will all benefit from these savings, especially in these tough economic times when they’re needed most,” said the Superintendent Dan Moser at that time. “Also, this project reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to incorporate solar into our teaching curriculum so our teachers and students can learn about renewable energy technologies firsthand.”... read more

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

fuzzi buns diaperWIN IT!

For your own chance to win a Fuzzi Bunz One Size Pocket Diaper enter in the comments below! Contest is open to the U.S. and Canada only. (My apologies international readers!)

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Leave a valid email address in your comments (the line where it says “email address”) so I can contact you if you win. Email addresses are not made publicly visible.... read more