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America, Leading the World in Wind Power


Wind Power, Wind Turbines, America Leading Wind Power

Recently the world saw a switch in global leadership in renewable wind power. For years Germany has lead the way in wind production, but now nations must say achtung to the United States as being on the cutting edge of wind technology. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, the United States increased their wind power capacity by 29 percent. This increase is an additional 8.4 gigawatt into the national power grid. The increase, more than any other nation, gives the United States 20.8 percent of the world total installed power base. Germany's installed wind power base accounts for 18.9 percent of the total world production.

California is doing its part to make sure that America stays in the lead. On Thursday French-backed renewable energy company enXco premiered a new wind powered power plant in Susin City, California. Energy production from this facility will produce 150 megawatts, which will be doubled in the next three years. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has signed a twenty year lease of the facility in an effort to meet new state guidelines for renewable energy production.


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End of Lightbulbs


Could a product being exhibited this week at the CeBit 2009 annual gadget trade show signal the end for light bulbs? No, but it does come pretty darn close! Acer Inc., one of the world's top five pc branded vendors, is exhibiting a neat new projector that holds immense potential. The K10 mini projector is a small powerhouse, being able to project images on a wall with resolution of 2,000:1. The K10 does all this using LED technology! This causes the new projector to use up to 30 percent less power than traditional projectors.


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7 iPhone Apps For Energy Management


I read a great article recently about the seven top iPhone apps for home energy management.  The article was wrote by Katie Fehrenbacher of Earth2Tech.  The seven programs listed include home monitoring tools, manual input calculators, utility information interfaces and smart thermostats.  All seven programs provide novel ways for the iPhone user to lessen their energy imprint.  The seven programs are listed below so make sure to check them out if you own the Apple iphone.

iPhone apps for home energy management


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Fruit Fly Traps


fruit fly trap

Thanks to my lackidasical efforts in emptying out our indoor compost bin, we have a bunch of fruit flies hanging around our kitchen.  Once you remove the source and anything else that might attract flies (no fruit in the fruit bowl for the time being!) it's time to trap those annoying suckers.  

Here's an easy, nontoxic way to rid your kitchen of those pests.  

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