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Event Calendar - implement an event calendar so that people can monitor upcoming events.


Monitoring events

I just missed an event yesterday afternoon about energy storage for renewables at LBNL. I got a notice from an Electric Car group I am in, but the notice was posted on the yahoo group while the event was underway. Since I had the message delivery set for daily digest, I did not get the message until this morning.

It's kinda silly to expect we could see the notice in time to go, but in my case I actually would have driven over right then and could have caught the end if I had set the individual email option.

Bottom line is that I see a need for aggregating, filtering, and notifying of upcoming events. There so many events happening, and they are listed on so many web sites, that it is difficult to keep up.

We could drive people to this site by being a clearinghouse for events. Just a brainstorming idea.

Would be great if there was a way for users to define filters for event types (by keyword and/or category or tag.) And if the users could define a notification method (like email, text, flicker) that the event is scheduled, we can drive traffic first to our site, and then to the organizer of the event.

There may be other ways to make the visit more stickey, like links to other relevant posts.

Is there some standard messaging protocol for events that Drupal embraces? Maybe just use the iCal message format?


Hey Tom, Good ideas and

Hey Tom,

Good ideas and thanks for pointing out the real-world need.

I am going to be looking into the event/calendar modules and see what available (hopefully  with not too much custom-coding).


I can pull in iCal feeds. 

I can pull in iCal feeds.  Any good sources specific to K4G that you would recommend?

Since you can pull in iCal

Since you can pull in iCal feeds, there is less worry about scanning other calendars, provided we can find enough relevant sources.

I will look.


Thomas W. Lewis

In addition, someone would

In addition, someone would need to scan other sites(probably by hand) periodically to find the events. Sure would be great if K4G could become known for having a consolodated event calendar, and then maybe you could introduce a tool for people to enter event infomation. They would do it to promote the event, and then none of us would need to do the scanning at that point.

There may be a site out there that does this sort of event consolodation (maybe even with the filtering and notification), so maybe there is no need.

Regardless, I support your idea of at least having a basic event calendar becasue there are sooo many sites reporting what has happened. And even a basic calendar would be a good way to make K4G more of a site about what will happen rather than only what has happened.

Who is that anoymous guy

Who is that anoymous guy creating all that work for you, Mark?  Must be a salesman!


Thomas W. Lewis

Calendar Sites

Here are some I have located, Mark.  Many of them don't seem to supply feeds. (down for maint today)

I will work on some auto related ones next.



Thomas W. Lewis

Good list.  There is always

Good list.  There is always the old fashion way of manually entering them Frown

Clean Tech Open looks great. 

Clean Tech Open looks great.  We are definitely going to go.

Also next week

This is a breakfast next week:

One issue we may have is some event organizers may not want to promote their events to a wide audiance, preferring instead to keep the audiance more targeted to those who are members, or potential members of the organization.  In that case, they will probably not be feeding iCal or taking the time to register their events.


Thomas W. Lewis