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Indoor compost bin

We have a little compost bin to keep inside that we got from Gaiam.  It quickly gets disgusting in there...moldy, smelly, and with fruit flies.  Anyone have any ways around that?  It's a pain to go outside each time we have something to compost!


Does yours have a charcoal

Does yours have a charcoal filter in the lid? If not, that may help. I was studying this whole charcoal filter thing at my local green homegoods store just the other day. 

Honestly, I only keep my things inside for a day, maybe two. I whisk them outside to my compost bin pretty quickly, mainly because I have a few mice I can't get rid of and I certainly don't want to leave any invitations to them lying around.

It doesn't have a charcoal filter

Good call.  I'll check it out.

We can usually only keep ours inside for about a day before it gets gross.  In the winter we can keep it inside for an extra day or two.