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Don't Buy Disposable Furniture!

Whenever I find myself seated in an office, I look around to see how green that office is.  Are computers just left on?  Do they use recycled paper?  Is a light on when no one is an office or conference room?  After all these questions I usually then come down on one side or another, but maybe I am forgetting something.  And, that something may just be where my posterior is.



So much of what people by for their office furniture is cheap with a short life span.  This cheap furniture is usually made of particleboard.  Particleboard uses formaldehyde as a bonding agent.  This potent chemical is toxic and leaks into the atmosphere over time. Low level irritations affects humans' eyes and nasal pages. Large doses are fatal. The European Union considers formaldehyde a likely carcinogen.  So not only do you needlessly fill up landfills with this furniture, you also affect the health of people and the planet.


Instead of using this cheap furniture either buy something made out of solid wood, which should last a long time, or pick up second hand used furniture.  The market for this is huge spanning thrift stores and outlets.  Usually you can find great deals and give your office a more distinct look with a little effort.


I would be remiss though to say that particleboard is without its merits.  Particle board is almost exclusively made from recycled timber or timber waste.  It is then a recycled product.  This still is not as good as re-using an already produced item but sometimes cost and time are restrictive on people's ability to find good previously owned office furniture.  If this is the case for you, make sure to check out the bonding agent on your particleboard furniture and never buy one that uses formaldehyde.