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Fresh produce grown right in your kitchen
Growing local food with a low-energy appliance. Not organic, though.
Can be expensive to get started. Prices vary depending on size, with larger ones running at about $100. Seed kits are about $16.

aerogardenWhen I got married in 2007, my cousin gave us an Aerogarden and an herb-growing kit.  At the time, we weren't particularly skilled at gardening (we didn't start getting into outdoor gardening until the following year), but we set it up and took our chances.  Turns out, you don't need much of a green thumb to use the Aerogarden.  We had fresh and delicious herbs grown right in our kitchen...with little work done by us.  We ate a lot of pesto!

So far, we've only used the herb kit.  We have a salsa kit that we plan to use this winter.  

Aerogarden's customer service is excellent.  In my personal blog back in 2008, I had written about how some of the seeds weren't sprouting and a customer service rep actually responded and offered to send us more seeds.

The Aerogarden is extremely green.  The whole appliance only uses as much electricity has a 60 watt lightbulb.  It's also made of recyclable components.  It's also BPA-free and they use as much recyclable packing material as possible.

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Now that it's getting to be


Now that it's getting to be ugly outside, I am starting to crave one of these again. There's just something about fresh growing food/herbs that puts me in the best mood.