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Are Old Pots and Pans Recyclable?

Can you recycle pots and pans

Yes, old pots and pans ARE recyclable.

Pots and pans are usually made of metal and can be recycled. However, most curbside recycling programs won't accept them so it will take a little research to find a local recycling center that will accept them. Visit and search for "scrap metal" recycling near your house.

Make sure to call the recycling center first. Let them know if you have either furrous or nonfurrous metal pots and pans. (Furrous metals attract magnets, Nonfurrous do not attract magnets). Also let them know if your pans are coated in Teflon or other non-stick finishes. 

Before you bring your items in for recycling, consider donating them to a thrift shop or giving them away on Freecycle or Craigslist. What you see as old, worn out pots and pans might be just what a college student needs for their dorm.