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Are Textbooks Recyclable?

Are textbooks recyclable

Yes, textbooks (and other thick, hardbound books) ARE recyclable.

Even though books are made from paper, they can be difficult to recycle because of the glue used for binding. Still, when there is a will there is a way, and there are many recycling centers willing to accept old books.  Visit and search for "book recycling" or "book donation" facilities in your area.

Before you recycle your old book, be sure that there is no other use for you book (that is, future students or others who might be interested in the topic). You may even be able to make a few dollars selling it on sites such as or at least find it a loving home by offering it up on Freecycle. Even textbooks that your college professor believes is out of date can be of use in prisons and at homeless shelters. Many libraries and thrift stores are willing to accept almost all book donations. Usually when a book has hit the end of its life, it's very apparent - the binding is defunct, the pages are all ripped, or the science in it is many years out of date.

If you're crafty, there are some great upcycling projects for you to repurpose your old textbooks into something new:

  1. Make a hollow book box.
  2. Make an invisable book shelf.
  3. Make a clock.
  4. Make a lampshade.
  5. Stack to make legs for a table.