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Are Yellow Page Phone Books Recyclable?

Yellow Pages Recycle

Yes! Yellow Pages and other large phone books ARE recyclable. They are mostly made of paper, however they often contain inserts (such as magnets) that aren't recyclable. Check with to find out if your local municipal curbside program accepts phone books, and if not, where you can drop them off.

With the spread of the internet, Yellow Pages have become obsolete for many of us who prefer to do a quick Google search. If you no longer wish to receive phone books, you can opt-out at the National Yellow Pages Council site. This is the best way to avoid having a stack of 7 old phone books accumulating on top of your fridge.

There are also tons of ways you can reuse your old phone books:

  1. Use it as a good ol' fashioned booster seat for your child.
  2. Use each sheet instead of paper towels for cleaning windows and mirrors.
  3. Use pages as kindling in your fireplace, charcoal BBQ, or fire pit.
  4. Make paper mache for crafts.
  5. Shred them and add them to your compost bin or worm bin.
  6. Use one as a kneeling pad for when you are gardening.
  7. Make a wholoe multitude of crafts, such as gift bows, wallets, oragami, and more.