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Is Lint Recyclable?

Is Lint Recyclable

Recycling facilities DO NOT collect lint but there are many ways you can reuse (or "upcycle") dryer lint. Your dryer needs to use more energy to do its job if it is full of lint, so it is important to clear out that lint trip between each use.  Collect it in a safe place (so it doesn't catch on fire) and try some of the following ideas:

  1. Compost: Dryer lint breaks down quickly and easily in your compost bin. It enriches your soil and helps offset the smelliness of your food sraps.
  2. Firestarting/ Kindling: Dryer lint is highly flamable and works great for starting fires in your fireplace, firepit, or barbecue. Simply stuff it into an empty toilet paper tube and place on top of charcoal or dry wood.
  3. Crafting:Handmade Paper -Put lint, used paper (wrapping paper, newspaper, printer paper), and water in your blender and blend until soupy.  Poor into paper mould and presto! Check out the full recipe here or watch the video below.
  4. Crafting: Lint Mache -Lint can also be recycled into a paper mache-like plaster by mixing with hot water and flour. Check out the full recipe here.  

Note: never use dryer lint to stuff toys or pillows.  This is VERY unsafe as it is very flamable.