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Is Number 2 Plastic Recyclable?

Is number 2 plastic recyclable           Is number 2 plastic recyclable

Yes, plastic #2 is recyclable.

Most milk jugs, detergent bottles, juice bottles, butter tubs, toiletries bottles, and films (such as those encasing large packages of toilet paper, paper towels, dry cleaning etc.) are made of plastic number 2 (also known as high density polyethylene, or HDPE).  It is usually opaque, considered safe and has low risk of leaching chemical properties into its contents.

Pretty much all municipal curbside recycling programs accept bottles and containers made from plastic #2. You can check on your local utility at as well as find a local center where you can drop off all of your number 2 plastic containers. Plastic bags and films are a little bit trickier, and usually must be dropped off at a recycling center or collection center.  Most grocery stores have bins by the door where they collect plastic bag and films for recycling.

There are many reuse and upcycle ideas for things made from plastic #2. Here are a few ideas:

Milk Jugs

  1. Poke holes in the bottom of the jug and use as a watering can for your garden plants and flowers.
  2. Cut the bottom and part of the handle off and use as a scoop.
  3. Cut the bottom off and use the top as a funnel.
  4. Cut out a hole opposite the handle and use to store your plastic bags.
  5. Cut a hole near the top and use to store your toilet brush.
  6. Use to store dry goods such as rice, coffee, and sugar.
  7. Cut a 1/4 inch slit near the top of the milk jug and use as a piggy bank. Decorate with paper, paint and other embellishments.


Butter tubs:

  1. Storage containers for small items.
  2. Containers for leftovers/school lunches.
  3. Seed starters for your seedlings.