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Solar Installers in Walnut Creek CA

Solar Installers Walnut Creek CA

For many of us, deciding to install solar panels is a no-brainer. It is choosing the right installer that is often a more difficult choice. There are near 100 Solar Installers listed on Yelp in the Walnut Creek/ East Bay area!

You can check out my list of the top 4 KeenForGreen approved Solar Installers in the Walnut Creek area or call KeenForGreen @ 925-300-4223 where we can answer your questions about solar installation and connect you to the best solar installers near Walnut Creek for your needs

Here are some things to keep in mind when scouting an installer:

How was the installer trained in solar installation? Many electricians are self-taught in solar because the field is so new. Others may have received formal training from the company that manufactures the solar panels they use. A handful will have formal education from a technical college or university. Your best bet is to go with someone who is North American Board of Certified Electrical Professionals (NABCEP) certified.

How long have they been installing solar and will they provide references? A reputable installer will be gladly will ing to provide you with a list of references. Ask how many systems similar to yours the PV installer has completed in the Walnut Creek/ East Bay area. Also ask if he or she foresees any complications and how those could be addressed.

How do they insure quality of work? Ask if they provide a warranty for there service. A good installer will be proud of their work and will often warranty for 5-10 years. Also ask if the contractor plans to subcontract out parts of the work. Subcontracting decreases the level of quality control and is not recommended.

Last but not least, get multiple estimates and go with the contractor who you feel most comfortable with. If the installer you like most has a bid that is a bit pricier try to negotiate something a little bit lower and explore with him/her the reasons why it is more expensive (they may be using more expensive panels, charge more for labor, etc.). Most people are willing to work with you to get your business - specially because there are so many installers around Walnut Creek that they are competing with.

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Solar Installers in Walnut Creek, CA:

Snow Solar

(925) 681-3473

1930 Morello Ave

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Light Energy Systems

(925) 680-4343

965 Detroit Ave # D

Concord, CA 94518

Alcor Solar Specialists

(925) 825-5658

2655 Cloverdale Ave # A

Concord, CA 94518

Next Energy Corp

(925) 798-0600

1110 Burnett Ave

Concord, CA 94520

KeenForGreen provides you with knowledge and tools to meet your environmental needs.  Call us or stop by to learn more about afforable ways to green-up your carbon footprint.

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