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Why All San Francisco Homes Should Install Solar Panels

San Francisco Homes Install Solar Panels

There has never been a better time to install home solar panels, and there are few places better than San Francisco to do so.  Contrary to popular belief, you can still produce significant amounts of solar energy even when you do have frequent fog coverage.  And San Francisco offers some amazing incentives, community buying programs, and excellent prices (mostly because there is a lot of competition between the many local installers).

Why should all San Franciscans install solar panels on their home now?

1. There are currently many solar incentives that may not be there is a few years. The combination of federal tax rebate (30% of the cost of your system) and the California state rebate program (a per kilowatt reimbursement), many home photovoltaic and solar thermal water heater installations can be done for less than half of their full cost.

2. Solar panels are more efficient and produce more energy than ever. New technologies have emerged over the past decade and have peaked in efficiency and production.

3. Home solar panels are cheaper than ever, too. New production techniques are making it much quicker, easier, and cheaper than ever before to produce solar cells.

4. Solar Lease and Low-Interest Rate financing are abundant.  Consider a solar lease, where you lease the equipment from a supplier (such as Sungevity) and don't pay for installation.  They take care of the maintenance and you just pay them a flat per month fee.  Often this monhtly rate will be lower than what you currently pay in electricity.  It's a win-win.  There are also state-sponsered low-interest rate loans.

5. There are several community solar programs in San Francisco which provide you with significant discounts.  If you and a handful of neighbors all go solar together, you can get significant discounts.  Check out One Block off The Grid (1BOG).

6. PG&E will pay you for your electricity.  Can you imagine getting a check from PG&E at the end of the year?  (How awesome does that sound) San Francisco residents who produce more energy over the course of the year than they use get paid for that extra energy.

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