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The “Green" Mission: An Outdoor Enthusiast's Urgent Call

The urgency of maintaining ecological balance is undeniably alarming. Global awareness on distressing environment issues and concerns calls us to participate on the mission to rehabilitate and save Mother Earth, and all life forms.


Will you allow losing the priceless gifts of nature? If you loved the great outdoors, you will definitely not. It is a natural therapy that revitalizes ourselves after a day or a week of hard slog. There is no substitute for the regenerating sound of nature, the refreshing green sceneries and the cooling fresh air.


On my personal perspective, comprehensive education and public awareness programs should constantly be running to remind us of our huge responsibilities to the environment. There are so much to discover and enjoy in the great outdoors. But if we would just do it to feed our lust for thrill and adventure, we should know that it could impact to the whole ecosystem.


I love hunting, especially bear and duck hunting, and even just the idea of it. I know that many environmental activists would assert irresponsible hunting detrimental to the environment. But you know what? It helped me understand nature and the environment more. While prying into my possible game, I saw realities, heared true sounds and felt the needs of Mother Nature. Then, I realized that it was my call to respond.


We hunt occasionally. When we were out on a hunting expedition, we were not only keeping an eye on our game, but we were also analyzing how we could do our ‘green responsibilities’ while enjoying the hunt. We understand the need to give back to the environment. We no longer "just" hunt, but we also do simple but important things for the “green mission”.


The “Clean-Up Drive” Method


Cleaning whilie enjoying the great outdoors? Yes. Clean-up drive can be fun and exciting. You should not take the outdoors for fun and pride alone. Like most hunting grounds are scattered with unwanted materials and solid wastes that may affect all life forms. Some of these trash may contain toxic elements that could damage the soil and cause harm to both plants and animals. To ensure that we could avoid this scenarios, it is important to help these grounds get rid of the solid wastes. Bringing a specialized garbage bag will do the trick where you could put the solid wastes that you could collect along the way.


The “Green Rehabilitation” Approach


Tree planting while fishing? Why not? Bringing and planting one seedling in each expedition is already a big help in rehabilitating the forest. Surely, it’s not a great distraction. Just imagine if there were six of you and each one plants a tree every month, that’s a tremendous contribution. Just make sure that the plant is protected until it could survive on its own.


The “Green Movement” Contribution


If you could not contribute a bit of your time for the “green cause”, at least you could spare a little financial assitance to help environmental organizations realize their goals. Taking care of the wildlife needs a lot of money and serious effort from concern individuals. The fees for hunting licenses, permits and other related expenses may not be enough to improve the environment. But if you could do more than that, that’s even better. Your small monetary contribution to different environmental groups and organizations will truly make a great difference in protecting the environment.


The “Green Responsibility” Education


Encouraging the people to get involved in the effort to protect the environment is no easy task. It takes a lot of power and knowledge to convince them to take part in addressing the different environmental conditions. Make use of your learning experiences as an enthusiast to provide ecological awareness and education to the public, especially the children, and on how they can contribute even in a very little possible way.


The “Green-Living” Habit


Maintaining a green lifestyle is definitely beneficial to your everyday existence. But if you were not used to eating green, try to incorporate it even in one of your daily meals. Well, I bet you are aware of the tremendous health benefits from eating greens. If you would love to eat them, you will learn how to grow and preserve them. Let this lifestyle become an inspiration to others.




Everything is connected. Therefore, we need to be responsible citizens and adventurers. As an outdoor enthusiast, you can give and do a lot of things to help address the threatening ecological problems. We can enjoy the outdoors and become an environmental advocate at the same time. Being responsible, aware and concern for the environment are very important to ensure ecological balance.


Finally, an outdoor enthusiast shall not lose his respect to life and not make use of this sport as an excuse to realize his personal greedy interests. This is our call, and we need to respond to it positively.


Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer and a travel, gadgets, health, and outdoors enthusiast. He loves sharing his insights, knowledge and experience in different fields. You can follow him through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.