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3 Summertime Water Saving Tips

Much of the country needs more water right now.  Everyone knows about the California drought, but other spots of the US are in need of water as well.  Even where I live in Massachusetts is "abnormally dry" and spots are in a moderate drought.  

Most people know the basic tips - turn the water off while you brush your teeth, don't over-water your lawn, etc.  But here are 3 equally easy tips that you may not have considered.  

1)  Save that shower water!  Keep a bucket in your bathroom and collect the water from when your shower water is heating up.   You can reuse this water in your garden!

2)  If you have a kids and a kiddie pool, you can reuse the pool water.  After your kids are done playing in the water, use that water for your garden.  

3)  Reuse your grey water.  Grey water is the water that comes out of the drains of showers, baths, sinks, and washing machines.  It can be used for watering houseplants, landscaping, and more.

We should always be mindful of our water consumption, but now more than ever.  If you're wondering about your water usage, check out National Geographic's Water Footprint Calculator