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4 Tips and Tricks to Recycling

Today, mostly everyone is into recycling. We all want to do our part to help save the environment. Below are some tips and tricks to help you in the process and to give you some ideas too.

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Make it Fun

Get your whole family involved in recycling. Make it fun, easy, and quick or it won’t happen. First, check with your local recycling center to find out specifics on what they accept and how it needs to be packaged. If you do not have to put twine around your newspapers, don’t. Make it easy. Next, choose a convenient place, such as the garage, to stash your bins (some places do not even require sorting).  Have them marked with what goes in what bin. Then, all you and your kids have to do, is simply throw stuff in. Last, if your neighborhood accepts curb-side recycling, do it otherwise drop it off at a designated recycling center. Make sure you drop it off when you are out doing something else. You want to make sure you save gas and energy too.


Not often thought about, composting is a great way to recycle in the most natural form possible. Composting is the breaking down of organic materials to a point it will no longer decomposed. Typically, the only thing needed is water and an aerator. You want to make sure that you watch out for worms. This could be your only real issue. Compost material is very practical and can be used for a variety of gardening purposes. So, the next time you are cutting up vegetables or fruit, throw the scraps into the composter. Skip the trash can and recycle.

Sell Electronics

Another way to recycle is to sell your old electronics. Many companies, in particular online businesses, will buy back old products. You no longer have to ditch your old cell, your outdated Nintendo, or your ancient printer. You can sell your electronics easily and get money. And, in turn, whoever buys them, gets products they can refurbish, resell or parts they can reuse. That is definitely recycling.

Buy Recycled

It’s important that in addition to recycling at home, we also make sure we buy recycled. Many products now can be made with recycled materials and can be found most anywhere. For example, paper towels, hangers, and bath mats can be made from recycled materials. You should also look for products that are also packaged in recycled material. This is best. Shop your local thrift stores for items. By shopping at thrift stores, you are purchasing items and obviously, you are recycling.

Recycling is easy to do if you start out small. Going green as a family can be fun, and once you're a pro at recylcing old things, you can look at incorporating green materials, like bamboo products, into your life.


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