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5 Best Natural Sunblocks

If you are like me then you love the sun and summer, but also worry about sun exposure.  I've been looking far and wide for a daily use sunblock that's good for my skin and has natural ingredients that won't harm the environment.  I'd also like a bit of help in reducing signs of aging... like wrinkles.  In my search, I have discovered that the research on sunblock has changed.  The chemicals in sunblock can be far worse than sun exposure itself.  

We need to rethink our relationship with the sun and give some thought to these 5 Natural Sunblocks options!  


5. Storebought Natural lower-toxin sunscreens | I have searched and searched for a toxin-free, chemical-free storebought sunblock.  I can't find one.  The best I can do is a lower level of toxins and chemicals.  This Sunscreen Guide has a very thorough rating of just how light-on-the-toxins the sunscreens really are.  

4. Homemade sunblock | It's actually possible to make your own sunblock with some very natural ingredients.  Check out this recipe or this one. They both are based in coconut oil, beeswax, Vitamin E oil and zinc oxide.

3. Supplements Can Help | There are a handful of supplements on the market that can help strengthen your bodies cells from the inside out to provide natural sun protection.  The top favorites include Astaxanthin, Coconut oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3.

2. Improve your diet | Give your body the natural fuel and nutrients it needs to create healthy skin from the inside out so that it naturally works as a sun gaurd - absorbing what it needs and reducing the absorbtion of what it doesn't.  Foods to avoid: processed foods, highly processed grains, sugars and vegetable oils.  Increase foods like: Omega-3 Fats, dark leafy greens, antioxidant rich dark chocolate, berries and red wine!  For more diet related adjustments to help with sun protection check out this list

1. Longsleeve shirt, hat and a parasol | The best way to protect yourself naturally from the sun is to cover up and block it.  There are no lotions, creams, or products to interfere with your skins own natural chemistry.  No chemicals to get into the ocean or river.  Nothing that drips into your eyes when you get sweaty.  Gauranteed to be 100% natural, organic and toxin free! And to be honest, you actually need sun exposure to naturally produce the very important Vitamin-D, which actually helps prevent cancer!  It's a double edge sword - you need the sun to produce Vitamin-D however too much exposure can cause cancer (or wrinkles, eek!).   

Enjoy the summer! And don't feel bad about getting your daily dose of Vitamin-D, the health benefits are better than the side effects of dousing your skin with petro-chemical based sunblocks!