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5 Eco-Themed Sesame Street Sketches

Sesame Street was always way ahead of its time.  There are many kids shows today with episodes that have environmental messages, but Sesame Street's been doing this for as long as I can remember.   Jim Henson once said, "I've always been in awe of the incredible beauty of every last bit of nature."  It often showed in his work.

Let's get in touch with our inner child today, and enjoy 5 environmentally themed Sesame Street sketches!

Water Conservation:  A cute cartoon about the importance of saving water.  

Garden Cooperation:  This is one of my favorites!  This catchy tune, sung mostly by the wonderful Jim Henson, promotes working together to form an urban, community garden.   Prepare to get this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Plants Need Water, Man:  Two hippie kids try to figure out what a plant needs to grow.  Classic, old school Sesame Street!

Box City Recycling Rap:  This 1991 rap song features kid reusing boxes to make different arts and crafts.  Very cute.

Recycling Aluminum Cans:  A little girl narrates the process of recycling cans.