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5 Household Products Made from Recycled Materials

 For such a long time, recycling has been a major subject in almost every sector. Both government and private sectors have promoted recycling in an effort protect our natural resources. Instead of throwing away garbage which can accumulate and turn into a big disaster, many people have shown support by practicing recycling.                                       

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Recycling is the process of turning garbage into reusable products. This form of green initiative can help lessen the amount of trashes thrown in landfills. Fact is there are notable benefits we all can get from recycling. One good example of these benefits is getting hold of new household products without the need to shell out certain amount of cash. Wonder what household items you can get from your garbage? 

Bathroom Vanity - Recycled Suitcase


If you have damaged suitcases, do not throw them away. There are so many things you can do to make them usable again. A suitcase can be transformed into a bathroom vanity. All you need to do is to divide the space inside the suitcase into different parts. This way, you will have many compartments for your bathroom products like shampoo, cream, toothpaste, etc. The other part of the suitcase will serve as the door.


Oil Lamp -  Recycled Light Bulb


For your burnt out light bulb, it can be used as oil lamp rather than throwing it. However, recycling the light bulb requires extra care to avoid getting cut. Remove the circuitry and other parts of the bulb leaving the glass and the cap. Glue the glass bulb on a flat object to serve as its base. Insert a twine in a tubular steel and stick it in the middle of the cap. In just a few minutes, you will have an oil lamp without going to the store.


Table Lamps - Reused Boxes


Boxes of cereal, juice or milk are no longer useless once they are empty. Rather than putting them in the trash cans, why not turn them into usable household items? This sort of recycling might demand a little creativity. Using a needle create your very own design on its body by making tiny holes. Form different shapes or trace the designs in the boxes. Open the bottom part of the box and use it as covering of a lamp.


Chandelier - Recycled Bottles and Jars


Just like the boxes, jars and bottles are not useless when they are already empty. Check your kitchen for jars that are no longer in use. Collect all of them and clean them. If they are already cleaned, you can paint some of them with whatever colors you like. Create a hole in the middle of their respective cover - enough for the light bulb’s cap to be attached. Install the wiring and light bulb then cover the jars. Do not forget to attach another cable or small rope on their cover so they can be hung. Dangle the them together and light them up.


Tables and Chairs - Recycled Plastic Bottles


Plastics are considered as toxic wastes. These trashes can create great havoc to the environment. That is why recycling plastics is highly recommended. There are so many household items we can get from any sort of plastic items. Aside from the typical stuff we can create from recycling the plastics on our own, there are certain organizations and establishments which use machines to form new products from waste plastics.


Several manufacturers of tables and chairs, like Picnic Tables, are now making use of recycled plastic bottles as their main raw material. By integrating the plastic in making tables and chairs, they can reduce their cost of production while minimizing plastic wastes. And most importantly, these new products are as durable as those that are not made from recycled materials.

When talking about household products made from recycled materials, the list is pretty long. Indeed, recycling can bring tons of positive things in our home and environment.