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6 easy ways to troubleshoot your Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner in good working order can be the difference between a productive and happy home or office (and who wants grumpy people in an office?) and one where people are about to throttle one another – sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. What if something goes wrong with your air conditioner and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible? Getting someone called out for what turns out to be a minor problem is not only embarrassing, but also costly so it should be avoided at all costs.

Home air conditioners are normally divided into two main types – window air conditioning units (those sometimes ghastly looking things which are mounted in the windows of many households during long, hot summers) and bigger, central air conditioning units (you will normally find these installed in the back garden or along the driveway). The main difference between the two types of air conditioning units is that the larger units are designed for whole home cooling while the window units are for specific areas.

The Basics: Keeping your air conditioner in proper working order:

Maintaining your air conditioner and ensuring that it stays in proper working order is arguably the most important aspect of trouble shooting your air conditioner. By continually checking that everything is okay and taking proper care of the appliance you will not have to trouble shoot later on and will save yourself lots of time, money and drama. Below are some helpful hints on how to do just this.


1.       If you are using a central air conditioner which you have had installed outside your home, always keep the unit as clean as you possibly can and regularly check and clear out any invasive and overgrown grass or plants as they can damage the air conditioning unit.


2.       Another thing to remember about central air conditioning units is that they tend to use the same ducts as your central heating system (if you have one in place) and most problems with central air conditioners can be traced back to the ducts.


3.       If you have any problems with your central air conditioner, the first thing that you should then do is check all of the ducts in your home, being on the lookout for any of the telltale signs of obvious cracks, tears, defects or holes. Air could also be leaking out at the point where two sections join one another. As an emergency measure you can use duct tape to secure the hole but bear in mind that eventually the duct will have to be replaced.  


4.       With regards to window air conditioners, the problem can be one as simple as the fan needing to be oiled adequately – something you can easily do by adding minute amounts of motor oil to any areas that will take it in.

5.       Window air conditioners are also extremely sensitive to dirt and blockage so make sure that they are always clean – when checking for blockage turn the entire unit off to prevent harm.


6.       Always keep the filter as clean as possible to prevent blockage in a window unit and check it regularly.


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