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7 iPhone Apps For Energy Management

I read a great article recently about the seven top iPhone apps for home energy management.  The article was wrote by Katie Fehrenbacher of Earth2Tech.  The seven programs listed include home monitoring tools, manual input calculators, utility information interfaces and smart thermostats.  All seven programs provide novel ways for the iPhone user to lessen their energy imprint.  The seven programs are listed below so make sure to check them out if you own the Apple iphone.

iPhone apps for home energy management

Tendril Vantage Mobile: Allows select utility customers and consumers to see their home energy consumption in real time, view dynamic pricing changes, and control connected appliances and thermostats remotely. Available in 2010

Visible Energy’s Energy UFO: Free UFO app provides a mobile interface for the plugs and circuits that are connected to Visible Energy’s energy management gadgets and power strips.

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat: Enables users to remotely control thermostat.

Meter Readings: Four interface app that requires manual entry of data.

MeterRead: Another manual input app, enabling user to input the data from electricity meters to monitor and manage home energy consumption.

Wattulator and Watts Plus: Conservation energy calculator requires you to manually input power usage to crunch calculations.

Control4’s My House UI: “My House UI” enables the customer to control a variety of house system, including air conditioning and heating and lights. It’s free to download but of course you need Control4’s in-home devices.