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Advanced Degree Programs in Sustainability

In the last several years, sustainability has become a hot topic among industries and universities around the world. With a growing concern about our world's diminishing natural resources and our society's devastating impact on the environment, sustainable business practices and sustainable education have become highly desired. Over the past decade or so many institutions of higher learning have responded to the economic and social need for sustainable education programs and have developed different degree levels dedicated to environmental sustainability education. 

 These programs range from courses in environmental sciences to traditional sciences and from environmental policy to a social look at sustainability and resource management. With a variety of different options available, there are numerous areas of academia that individuals can enter in order to prepare for a career in environmental sustainability. These three degree programs in sustainability only scrape the surface of the innovative and exciting new degrees available at colleges and universities around the world. 

Sustainable MBA Programs

The sustainable MBA is one of the most promising new programs available for individuals interested in obtaining a "green" degree. Taking a classic MBA program and giving it a green twist, these business degrees may be the future of all MBA degrees. Sustainability from the prospective of a Master's in Business Administration explores the economic, social, as well as environmental impact business has on our world. 

On top of their traditional MBA education, sustainable MBA students will evaluate industry's impact on habitat and species loss, how industry can reduce its contributions to the depletion of oil and other natural resources, what its role in global warming is, and the position industry takes in the overpopulation and severe poverty of the world. All of these issues are concerns for sustainable curriculums throughout education. In many ways, business is one of the primary areas in which environmental and green initiatives can make the most immediate impact throughout the world. For this reason, sustainable initiatives are beautifully married to business education and business practices in today's society. 

Master's in Sustainability and Environmental Management

This Master's degree is focused toward a more general education in environmental, economic, and social issues. A Sustainability and Environmental Management MA seeks to create a new generation of leaders who can apply their knowledge gained in the program to the environmental, social, and economic challenges confronting our communities and earth today. Though these programs vary to some degree, there are most often two different concentrations within the program: ecosystems and sustainability. 

 Those who choose a concentration in ecosystems will deal with the use of our natural resources and the control of environmental contaminants. Students will explore environmental issues and the impact they have on social and economic well-being both locally and globally. Students choosing to focus on sustainability within this Management degree program will look into how the present generation can achieve their needs without compromising the needs of the future generation. This study would focus on areas of water markets, green building design, corporate social responsibility, waste and energy technologies, eco-tourism, and much more. 

Doctorate in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture is one of the fastest growing industries throughout the world. With such a high demand for individuals educated and passionate in this area of study, Ph.D. programs in Sustainable Agriculture have become popular advanced degree choices throughout universities and colleges around the world. Students entering these programs can expect to develop the competence and expertise to design, implement, and evaluate sustainable agricultural systems. 

Students will complete courses in the areas of landscape and watershed management, international development and food security, crop and livestock production and protection, policy, governance, and economics, engagement and communication, and philosophy, ethics, and history. Each of these areas of study will help to foster students who know and understand the complicated issue of agriculture and sustainability. Sustainability as a general concept is most easily translated into society's agriculture and food production. For this reason, this advanced degree program may be a perfect option for an individual interested in making a big impact in environmental initiatives for the future.

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