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Annie's Pizza Trivia - Round Three!

Annie's homegrown pizzaAnnie's homegrown pizzaThanks to Annie's Homegrown, we are plaing fun pizza trivia to celebrate the new Annie's Organic Rising Crust Pizza.  Join us to win some great prizes from Annie's Homegrown! 

How do you play?

Answer the trivia questions below and email your answers to [email protected].  Participants with the correct answers will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one of Annie's prizes!  Our first round of pizza trivia was on March 14 and our second round of pizza trivia was on March 19, 2012.  You may enter each series once.  The game ends on March 25th at midnight and winners will be announced on March 26th.  

We will be drawing 3 winners to win Annie's pizza merchandise or Annie's product coupons.   

U.S. residents only.

And now for the third round of trivia questions!  

1.  Organic wheat flour is used in Annie’s pizza crust. Does wheat grow…a) in the ground b) in a tree c) on a vine

2.  Is the wheat plant an annual or perennial?

3.  True or False: Montana leads the country in wheat production.

Participate in Round One and Round Two if you haven't yet!  Meanwhile, if you're curious about the new Annie's Pizza, download a coupon here!   We'll post the trivia answers after we draw winners.