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Annie's Root 4 Kids Contest

Root 4 Kids, a project encouraging families and schools to eat well, is running a new contest.   All you have to do is sign up for Root 4 Kids.  The school with the most sign-ups between April 5 and May 31 will win either a new Farm to School program or a school garden.

Root 4 Kids is brought to you by Annie's, makers of some of my favorite mac and cheese and other yummy snacks.  For the contest, Root 4 Kids partnered with National Farm to School Network, an organization that connects schools to local farms. The winning school will be connected with a local farm, and the farm will provide healthy food in the school cafeteria and nutrition education in classrooms or through a school garden.   Parents, family members, teachers, and administrators can sign up at!  

The previous winner was Camas Ridge Community School in Eugene, Oregon.  It's a really cool contest and it's exciting to see how schools and students can benefit from such a thing.  

Don't forget to sign your school up!