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Are Applesauce Pouches Recyclable?

I'm sad to say that I developed an unkeen, ungreen habit in 2011.   Sometime after my son's first birthday, he went from eating almost everything served to him to being the type of kid who would prefer to exist off yogurt, mac and cheese, and crackers.  Sigh.  

Frustrated, I'd wander the supermarket aisles trying to think of what I could possibly feed my picky son.  Then at my local Trader Joe's, I noticed these:


Pouches of applesauce - some plain, some with carrots, some with bananas.  To my surprise, my son loved them.  These pouches (and also the GoGo Squeez which I could buy in bulk at Costco - and a few other brands like Peter Rabbit Organics) quickly became my son's favorite snack while out and about.  Healthy, mess-free, portable...I could stuff a bunch in my purse for a quick snack on the go.  Genius, right?

My excitment for these nifty little pouches rapidly waned when I realized how incredibly wasteful they are.  The pouches are not currently recyclable for most of these brands.  I tried to find ways to upcycle them at home, but no dice.   And the nooks and crannies make them tough to clean, thus unsuitable for refilling.  

Until...TerraCycle to the rescue!  (How I love TerraCycle!) For the GoGo Squeez brand (sadly not Trader Joe's, Peter Rabbit, or any of the other pouches) they have started one of their fabulous brigades.  Just save the pouches, print a prepaid shipping label, stick the pouches in a box, and send to TerraCycle.  

TerraCycle will then upcycle these old pouches into awesome things like this pencil case.  

 Hopefully the other brands will come up with some recycling ideas as well.  From now on, I'll stick to the GoGo Squeez brand, use them sparingly, and send the empty pouches over to TerraCycle.