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Argosy University Green MBA Review

Argosy University is one of several online universities offering a "green" MBA.  Graduates of this program earn an MBA degree with a concentration in "Sustainable Management" which highlights the importance of measuring business success in terms of economic, environmental, and societal impact.  Argosy designed this program for "individuals who seek to be the go-to problem solvers for modern businesses” and promises "real-world insights into the leadership qualities, actions, and solutions that resonate in the workplace.” Graduates refer to the professors as "stellar," supportive, caring and knowledgeable. Argosy creates a personalized and interactive environment through their online program similar to what you might experience in a small private university. However the administration processes can reportedly be cumbersome and some also report the academic advising is sub-par.

This program is for you if...

  • You are computer savvy, learn well online, and can provide yourself with structure. This program is 100% online and has minimal face-to-face interaction.
  • You are a working professional looking to complete your education in off-hours (nights, weekends, etc.).
  • You are looking to increase your marketability in traditional business and modern sustainable practices.
  • You are passionate about the "Triple Bottom Line:" Corporations, Non-profits, and governments are economically, environmentally, and socially accountable for their decisions.
  • You want a broad understanding of business strategies, management, accounting, business ethics, corporate policy, and sustainability. 
  • You are looking for challenging courses which will prepare you for practical decisions.
  • You are looking to expand your online network of professional colleagues.

You may want to consider alternates if...

  • You learn best in a classroom environment.
  • You are looking for a highly specialized program.  Argosy's program offers a traditional MBA with some elective courses in sustainable practices.  If you have a specific passion in one particular area, such as organic agriculture, building development, or renewable energy, this program may not provide you with information you need.
  • You want to gain hands-on group experience via group projects and research.
  • You want to work directly within your local community as part of your program.

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