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Back to School the Green Way

I never had the typical college experience.  Sure, I lived on campus at two separate universities, but they were both primarily commuter colleges.  My sister, however, had your typical college experience at a university where 98% of freshmen and 50% of all undergrads lived on campus and, therefore, had cafeteria meal plans.  My sister frequently mentioned how appalled she was at the sheer wastefulness of the students.

So, apparently, was Andilee Warner at the Southern Illinios University Carbondale, who was been named "Recycler of the Year" in 2007 by the Illinois Recycling Association.  Warner earned this title because of the vermicomposting project she started with the university's cafeteria waste.

Illinois Recycling Association

What is vermicomposting, you ask?  It's composting--like Krissy describes here--with worms, who eat their way through the compost and produce excrement that is marvelous for gardening.  And at SIUC, the vermicomposting biproduct is then given to the university's agriculture students who use it in all sorts of their research products.

While the project, which made quite the stir at its inception, is still going strong at SIUC, it's disappointing to me that more universities aren't following suit with composting programs of their own.  After all, if our universities aren't working to create the large-scale behavior patterns of our future generations, who is?