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Bathroom Renovation 101: Parts of the Bathroom that can Go Green

Green initiative has been widely promoted these days at home, workplace, schools and just about everywhere.

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As a way to support the go green advocacy, many homeowners carry out renovation with the use of eco-friendly materials. One part of the house that should be renovated into green is the bathroom. Unless nobody is at home, this particular room is used everyday. Thus, water and electricity consumption in the bathroom is pretty high. In addition, most bathroom constructed years back are usually made from not-so environmentally friendly materials. All of these facets of bathroom contributes to the worsening effect of global warming.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, it is highly advisable to employ green supplies as a way to show support to this campaign.


Most bathrooms have cabinets inside to hold bathroom items such as towels, hygiene products, bathroom supplies, etc. Many cabinets are made from materials which could be harmful to the environment including hardwood paneling, particle board and fiberboard. In fact, some of these materials are just glued together with the use of formaldehyde-based adhesive which contain harmful chemicals. Instead of using these materials, you may opt to use green versions in your renovation.

Today, there are bathroom cabinets made from salvaged and sustainable materials like bamboo as well as natural wood (not tropical hardwood). These kinds of cabinets are readily available in furniture shops. Or, you may opt to have it customized for your own bathroom.


If you want to install a countertop in your bathroom, you may consider buying the recycled-content ones. There are many brands and kinds of countertops. However, the eco-friendly ones are widely available in many stores. Oftentimes, these countertops are made from glass, stones and other recycled materials. Just like the regular kinds of countertops, recycled-content versions have attractive surfaces which add aesthetic to the entire room.

One good example of green countertop is the granite resembled one. When you install it, it will look like a real granite countertop. But in reality, it is just made of biocomposite consisting of recovered newspaper and soy flour. In short, these recycled-content countertop can flaunt similar appearance but less harmful components. It is indeed a clever imitation.

Flooring and Tiles

Be stylish in your bathroom floor without spending much on your renovation. There is a huge variety of flooring alternatives for your bathroom. These options enable you to save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing the style. Mostly, these green flooring and tiles are made from sustainable harvested materials, reclaimed supplies and recycled ones.  Check out the available kinds of eco-friendly tiles and flooring in local building material stores.

For instance, you may opt to have cork tiles in your bathroom which can give a traditional yet chic look. These tiles are crafted from the bark of the cork oak which is safer to the environment. Other options include bamboo, lumber and recycled rubber or stones.

Turning your bathroom into a green bathroom is pretty simple. And the best part is you do not have to allot huge budget to realize the project. And of course, you must find a reliable renovation service provider to help you transform your bathroom into a more relaxing and eco-friendly one.