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Beep.. Boop... Recycling Robot Ready!

You know, sometimes I just need to start my day with a story like this.  May I introduce to you the world's first robot that will pick up your trash and sort it properly.  This robot is Dustcart!

 Italian Recycling Robot

Dustcart is the creation of the $3.9 million Dustbot Project.  The DustBot project is aimed at designing, developing, testing and demonstrating a system for improving the management of urban hygiene based on a network of autonomous and cooperating robots, embedded in an Ambient Intelligence infrastructure.  According to the Global Post, the adorable Dustcart will operate independently to users' calls. The robot will roll its cute little segway wheels over to that user's house, ask for a personal ID number, ask what type of waste is involved (recycle, compost or trash) and will pick up the waste.

Not only do these little marvels pick up the waste, but they also monitor both air and noise pollution.  This information can be used by planners and scientists to combat these troubles.  Oh, Dustcart..... what can't you do?