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The Best Green iPhone Apps in the Market

Last September 21, the newest addition of the iPhone series was introduced to the public, the iPhone 5s and upon reaching a million dollar sales within three days prior to its release, Apple had once proven that the iPhone craze is still strong and that they are not threatened of the hundred smartphones developed by their competitors.

iPhone became very popular because of its mobile applications, programs that are similar to those installed in desktop computers. And this doesn’t exempt programs that focus on the environment’s welfare. Yes, I’m talking about the green iPhone apps out there in the market. And for today’s article, I’m going to give you the top five green mobile apps for your iPhone.

  1. greenMeter – is an iPhone app that uses accelemrometer data and advanced physics engine to compute power, fuel usage, crude oil consumption and carbon emission of your car. The greenMeter allows its user to know the most accurate information about his/her own driving habit, power engine usageand fuel costs, to be able to track down his/her consumption and carbon footprint. The greenMeter is available in iTunes for only $5.99.

  2. GoodGuide – is a useful mobile application for iPhone users who loves shopping for green products. Yes, the GoodGuide mobile application for iPhone and Android phones allows you to do your shopping through your mobile phone. It is programmed to make it fast and easy for you to find healthy, green and sustainable products instantly complete with their information. Aside from that, the GoodGuide mobile application is free.You can download it online on their official website.

  3. The Recyclies – is an iPhone application perfect for children. It is actually an illustrated children’s book created by John Steinberg and Matthew Meadows and written by Jaspre Bark. It features the adventures of Pip and Viv as they try to recycle all the junk in the universe with the help of their friends and parents. You can download this app for free in iTunes.

  4. Locavore – is an iPhone application suitable for those who love to find a place to eat and a list of menu at the touch of their phone. According to its description, “LOCAVORE is the easiest way to find local, in-season food. Pinpoint nearby farmers' markets & farms that sell the products you love.” You can download it at iTunes for free.

  5. GreenerPrinteris a mobile application eliminates “the need to sit idly by your computer waiting for an order status update or a PDF proof.” You can now improve the way you print aside from having to buy remanufactured inkjet cartridges and remanufactured toner cartridges for your printers and help in reducing waste and pollution in the environment.